z z z z z z z z z z z z

    May 29, 2002
        We had both been outside taking pictures. As I was going through mine on
    the computer I was compelled to hit the equalize button on one of the photos,
    #10 taken with my Epson 3100Z. Using equalize makes the picture brighter
    than you can get by just lightening it and you can really see things that are
    there that you couldn't see otherwise. It doesn't make a great picture though,
    so we mostly use it to see who has come in that we might have missed because
    they were either quite a distance from the flash or only part way through the

        In the photo I had just equalized my eyes were drawn to a red something that
    was behind and above the hood of John's silver wagon. Some of the red was to
    the right of the hood, in front of the wagon. It was rounded on top so I thought
    maybe John had put an orange tarp over a stack of firewood beyond where his
    car was parked about seventy feet away from the porch. I didn't really remember
    that there was a stack of wood in that location. Never having gotten it before in
    my photos taken from the same location, I thought the only answer might be that
    it was a tarp being blown upward by the wind. So I went back and equalized all
    of my photos to see if it was there. In #1 through #8 there was nothing. In #9
    there was a little bit of red showing in that same location, but not as much as
    what was in the #10 photo.

        I continued equalizing the rest of the photos and came upon two more
    pictures with the red in it - #21 and #22. The red was still behind, above and
    to the right of John's wagon near the hood. A little more defined in these two
    pictures, the red had a sharper curve on top in these two. Nearly identical
    except that the second photo (#22) had a slightly wider spread at the curved
    top. That red did not show up again in any of the other photos.

        The next day I was out on the porch feeding the cats when I remembered
    what I had gotten the night before. John had gone to work, his wagon was
    gone, so I had a clear view of anything that might have been behind his wagon.
    There was nothing there that could have made that red color. No stack of
    wood, or anything else, that might have been covered by an orange tarp (we
    didn't have any red tarps, only orange). So I took a few pictures of that daytime
    view of the same area for later comparisons, using John's Sony Cybershot
    F505V. That night John went out and took photos of his wagon with his F505V
    to see if maybe it was some weird reflection coming from the lens of the
    headlight. He started taking picture back where I shoot on the porch and
    continued to get closer with every shot. No red. He only got the same lit-up
    outline of the headlight lens that I was used to seeing in all my photos taken
    towards that direction. We didn't know what it was and could only wait to see
    if it showed up again.

{PHOTO 01 - Epsn008 & 010}   Comparison red not there and red there. Equalized.
{PHOTO 02 - Epsn010}   Close up view of the red. Equalized. (Yes, it's a bad picture.)
{PHOTO 03 - Epsn021 & 022}   Side by side view of the next two photos the red
    showed up in. These were lightened only.
{PHOTO 04 - Epsn022}   Close up view of the red.
{PHOTO 05 - Dsc02596 & 02691}   Comparison day and night shots - no red.

z z z z z z z z z z z z

    July 17, 2002
        John went down to the pond to take some photos with his Sony Cybershot
    F505V. That was an unusual night because John got a massive amount of
    colored shooters at the pond. That red thing showed up again. This is when
    we started to call it the Red Guy.

{PHOTO 06 - Dsc03304 & 03305}   The top photo is the Red Guy taken at the pond
    in front of John's wagon. The middle photo was taken right afterwards - no Red
    Guy. The bottom photo is a cut out of the original top photo to show you a closer
    view of the Red Guy.

z z z z z z z z z z z z

    May 16, 2003
        The flash on John's F505V broke and when he found out it would cost him
    nearly half what he paid for the camera to get it fixed he decided to get a new
    camera. Several days after he got the Sony Cybershot F717 he went down to
    the pond, telling all to come in and get their picture taken with his new camera.
    Looks like the Red Guy couldn't resist that offer! It's been ten months since we
    last saw him.

{PHOTO 07 - Dsc00444}   Here's the Red Guy standing in what we now know as
    his favorite spot - next to John's silver wagon. The picture on the right is a crop
    out of the original photo to show a closer view of him. Looks like part of him is
    inside John's wagon!

z z z z z z z z z z z z

    November 6, 2003
        I was clearing some Quartz Crystals a few days before with a small chunk of
    Emerald in matrix. I had dowsed that "Emerald quite fights negative vibrations"
    and I should put it in with the Quartz Crystals in a bucket of water for forty-five
    minutes. I started to get a number of strangers coming in to put bad vibrations
    in that bucket, but the Emerald was fighting them off . (I don't know who those
    strangers were. I kept asking myself don't they have something better to do?
    Later I dowsed that fear of the unknown was causing them to do that. They
    feared the vibrations of the rocks I was working with.) Using my sketch of our
    property I started circling my pendulum over the area the bucket of Quartz
    Crystals and Emerald was at, scooping up some of that Emerald energy and
    moving my pendulum over to where the  location of the strangers was indicated
    as being at. Then I would dump that Emerald vibration on their heads. That got
    rid of them quite quickly! I went ahead and left the Emerald in the bucket of
    Quartz for good measure, until I was ready to put those crystals in a more
    permanent location.

        The day before I got that someone standing by John's wagon was putting bad
    vibrations in the bucket. I immediately scooped up some Emerald vibration and
    dumped it on his head and that person disappeared. Later I thought about that.
    The ones putting bad vibrations in before were all quite a bit closer to the cabin.
    There was only one that liked coming in next to John's wagon and that was the
    Red Guy.

        I dowsed that it had been him. He wanted that Emerald vibration and got it
    the only way he knew that I could give it to him, by pretending to put bad vibes
    in the bucket of crystals. He waited until I picked up my pendulum to dowse for
    something before he did it. He got it and ran off with it! He's pretty sneaky, but
    until I get my telepathy turned on better, I guess that was the best he could do.
    It appears that he could not just take some of it. It had to be given to him.

        This Red Guy is a collector of fine vibrations. He uses them for plants, animals
    and his friends. Even though he looks like a Cloak, I dowsed that the difference
    between him and the Cloaks on our Orb Warnings page was that he was peaceful,
    and did not eat Orbs.

            In all photos the bright circular thing in the center of the picture is the
            reflection of the flash off the lens of the headlight on John's wagon.

{PHOTO 08 - Epsn126}   Only the barest hint of red on the side of John's silver wagon
    shows the Red Guy as he is about to materialize.
{PHOTO 09 - Epsn127}   Here he comes! This is the fullest view of him that we have
    ever had. You can see the scalloped edges of the bottom of his "cloak".
{PHOTO 10 - Epsn128}   Landed!
{PHOTO 11 - Epsn136}   Keeps changing shape.
{PHOTO 12 - Epsn137}   Looks like he split in two!
{PHOTO 13 - Epsn143}   Changed again.
{PHOTO 14 - Epsn146}   He's getting closer to me. Now he's in front of that tree
    on the right and it's only fifty feet from where I am sitting on the porch.
{PHOTO 15 - Epsn153}   Here it looks like he backed up again. Nice pair of small
    Orbs we call the Berry Boys shooting up by telephone line strung between the
    cabin and the shed.
{PHOTO 16 - Epsn157}   I tried zooming in on the Red Guy to see if I could get
    him any better, even though my Epson does not take good pictures on zoom
    at night.
{PHOTO 17 - Epsn160}   Zoomed in a little more.
{PHOTO 18 - Epsn163}   More zoom.
{PHOTO 19 - Epsn164}   Red Guy is gone! Now, this is really strange because I
    noticed when I put the camera on a lot of zoom the Orbs would get fainter,
    then finally disappear. The same thing has happened to John with his cameras.
    He does shoot with a small amount of zoom and doesn't have any problems,
    but when he hikes that zoom up there go the Orbs! It's almost like they can
    see what we see in the LCD screen and when they get bigger they might think
    Oops! Too close! Or for all I know there may be some kind of change in the
    camera frequency or something unknown that happens when objects are
    zoomed in on.
{PHOTO 20 - Epsn174}   As I started zooming back out again the Red Guy came
{PHOTO 21 - Epsn179}   Here I tilted the camera upwards slightly. That's why
    the Red Guy is cut off from the bottom
{PHOTO 22 - Epsn180}   In this photo the Red Guy got more condensed.
{PHOTO 23 - Epsn185}   Red Guy is gone again.
{PHOTO 24 - Epsn188}   Back in the photo and close.
{PHOTO 25 - Epsn200}   This is what the Red Guy looked like in the last five
    photos taken of him that showed his full view.

        Terrifically amazing that he stayed as long as he did, it was also fascinating
    to see how the Red Guy would stay the same in several photos in a row, then
    change shape and do the same. These collages start from the time he first
    appeared as a small streak of red light in front of John's silver wagon and stop
    a few photos after he finally left. These collages are all cuts from the same
    direct area the Red Guy appeared, and disappeared, from 126 to 213 on the
    morning of November 6th, 2003. View these photos as you do when reading a
    book - from left to right. The photo number is in the upper left of the first photo
    and the last photo in each collage. In some of the photos (but not all!) I aimed
    the camera a bit higher than he was at or in a slightly different direction.

        We included all the photos in that sequence to show that at times he did
    disappear. He was not in any of the 125 photos taken before he came in on
    #126, nor on any of the photos taken after 210, where he showed up as a thin
    red line, ready to embark for good.

{PHOTO 26 - Epsn126 to 141}
{PHOTO 27 - Epsn142 to 157}
{PHOTO 28 - Epsn158 to 173}
{PHOTO 29 - Epsn174 to 189}
{PHOTO 30 - Epsn190 to 205}
{PHOTO 31 - Epsn206 to 213}

z z z z z z z z z z z z

    November 18, 2003
        Using his Sony Cybershot F717 John took this shot of what I believe to be
    the Red Guy. John only took one shot that night in this direction, so there is
    no comparison shots for that session. This photo looks more like the Red Guy
    is only partially through the dimension and hasn't completely materialized.
    Again, next to John's silver wagon.

{PHOTO 32 - Dsc05061}   Red Guy partially through the dimensions.

    January 25, 2004
        Here are some comparison shots from a session John shot today using the
    same Sony Cybershot F717 camera. It was raining here also. The first in this
    collage is a cut from the photo above. The other three are cuts from three
    different photos taken today. These last three photos shows how it normally
    looks. There is always a short reflection from both the head light lens and the
    tail light lens, but nothing as much as what appeared in Dsc05061.

{PHOTO 33 - Dsc05061, 06046, 06048, 06059}   Red Guy there and not there.

z z z z z z z z z z z z

        In the fall of 2004 John managed to photograph the Red Guy, which turned
    into Red Guys! He got some truly spectacular shots with his Sony Cybershot
    F717. All the photos below were taken with that camera.

    October 14, 2004
        John had a two day job come up that was located a few miles away from the
    Mississippi River. He decided to do a water tump at that location while he was
    there. (See Dancing Water page that will be put up later.) He was stunned to
    see not only the Red Guy that we have photographed here, but also a much
    larger and redder Red Guy appeared!

{PHOTO 00 Mississippi}   This photo shows how far away John was from his wagon
    when he was taking the photos. The rest of the photos have been cut from the
    big 5 meg photos so you can see the Red Guys better. The photo numbers are
    listed in the top left corner of each photo. Some groups are on sequence.
{PHOTO 01 Mississippi}   Top:  The first Red Guy has appeared in front of John's
    wagon. A screaming Orb is below the wagon. It was lightly raining and the
    Cloaks were swarming all around.
Bottom:  Taken directly after the top photo. The Red Guy has diminished in size
    as a large Orb zooms upwards near him and a few shooters are by the back
    end of the wagon.
02 Mississippi}   Top:  A very large majestic Red Guy has appeared in
    back of John's wagon! The first we had ever seen of this Red Guy! The smaller
    Red Guy is still in front.
Bottom:  The bigger Red Guy behind John's wagon kept inching away from that
    glowing red tail light. In this photo he is quite a distance from it. The smaller
    Red Guy in front has not changed position. There is an Orb inside of John's
    wagon in the last window. A blowup of that Orb is in the inset below the window
    where the Orb is in the photo. This is very important as to what happens later!
03 Mississippi}   We had to use more of this photo! A beautiful red tailed
    Orb is shooting up over the Red Guys! This photo is the same as the one for the
    November 2005 Calendar page.

{PHOTO 04 Mississippi}   Top:  The big Red Guy moved a bit closer to John's wagon
    in the back. The smaller Red Guy in front had gotten quite a bit smaller as a
    screaming Orb appears very close to him.
Bottom:  In this following picture the big Red Guy in back has disappeared!  The
     smaller Red Guy in front has blown up to a different configuration - looks like
    he is completely spread out.
{PHOTO 05 Mississippi}   Top:  Two photos later the smaller Red Guy has flared
    his scalloped edges to the right. The big Red Guy is still gone.
Bottom:  Three photos later the smaller Red Guy has moved away from being in
    front of John's wagon. A black area separates him from the front of the wagon.
    Again there looks to be an Orb inside the back window.
06 Mississippi}   Top:  Now the smaller Red Guy in front has put even more
    space between his body and the headlight lens. The big Red Guy is still gone.
Bottom:  The smaller Red Guy in front has moved back in front of John's wagon,
    spread out so you can see his scalloped edges. What! Now there's a shooting
    Orb inside of John's wagon in the middle window! Blowup of that shooter in
    the inset on the left. There was no big Red Guy behind the inset.
{PHOTO 07 Mississippi}   Top:  Both are gone!
The smaller Red Guy has appeared again in the front of John's wagon,
    with an Orb right next to him. The Red Guy almost looks like a kite formation.

{PHOTO 08 Mississippi}   Top:  The smaller Red Guy in front has drifted away from
    the wagon.
Bottom:  This photo was taken directly after the top photo. Now the smaller Red
    Guy has come closer to the front of the wagon. Who's that inside of John's
    wagon? It's the big Red Guy! That white line that extends between the front
    and middle window is part of the Red Guy materializing between dimensions.
    You can see the red of him near the back seat door handle.
{PHOTO 09 Mississippi}   Both: Taken in sequence these two photos show the
    smaller Red Guy in front getting larger in the bottom photo. You can see the
    big Red guy inside the back of John's wagon as he moves from the right side
    of the back widow to taking up all of the bottom of the back window. A misty
    part of that big Red Guy is sticking out from the top of the wheel well over
    the back tire. I think those Orbs inside John's wagon knew that big Red Guy
    was going to get inside the wagon before he did that!

{PHOTO 10 Mississippi}   Top:  Also taken in sequence from the last photo. The
    big Red Guy is still in the back of the wagon and the smaller Red Guy in front
    has grown even larger. You can still see a misty part of the big Red Guy
    sticking out of the top of the wheel well over the back tire, and also in front
    of the top of that tire.
Bottom:  The big Red Guy has disappeared from the inside of John's wagon!
    The smaller Red Guy in front is now smaller than he was before

        There's a reason why the big Rd Guy was rummaging around in the back of
    John's wagon, but it will not really be understandable until we get the Dancing
    Water page up that tells what a water tump is. Hopefully it will be up by the
    end of December.

    October 30, 2004
        After John got back home from the water tump at the Mississippi River he
    had gone out two nights in a row and taken nearly two hundred photos of his
    wagon, but no Red Guys showed up. A very large Orb did show up in one photo
    directly over the hood of his wagon and that Orb is in the photo for the 2005
    December Calendar page.

        He had a dream the night before of a Red Guy above the top of his wagon. It
    was not near the back or front light lenses. He went out and called the Red Guys
    in for family photos. Here's what he got!

{PHOTO 01 Over}   Top:  The big Red Guy has appeared, but he is a good 25 feet
    away from John's silver wagon. That's how far away the front of that blue tarp
    over our bikes is. He's in front of the trees that are in front of the wagon.
Bottom:  The big Red Guy is on his way up to the top of John's wagon! Just like
    in his dream! A smaller Red Guy is peeking over the hood of the silver wagon
    close to my red car. This is the first of a sequence of five shots.
{PHOTO 02 Over}   Top:  The big Red Guy looks like he has disappeared, but he's
    actually inside of John's wagon in the middle window, just too faint to see him
    there in this picture. Now there are two smaller Red Guys! One is in front of my
    red car with part of him above itand part of him in front and behind the trees in
    front of my red car. An even tinier Red Guy is on the ground in front of the tree
    that is in front of the first window of the wagon.
Bottom:  The tiny Red Guy has disappeared and the big Red Guy has reappeared
    on his way up to the top of the wagon. The other smaller red guy in front of my
    car has switched positions to be not only in front of John's wagon, but he's also
    partway in front of that tree in front of my red car. That tree is about 35 to 40
    feet away from the silver wagon.
{PHOTO 03 Over}   Both:  In both top and bottom the smaller Red Guys have
    disappeared. But you can see that the big Red Guy has finally made it to the
    top of John's wagon, as far as he was going to get, just like in John's dream!

{PHOTO 04 Over}   Both:  The big Red Guy is now on his way back down from the
    top of John's wagon.

{PHOTO 05 Over}   Now everybody is gone!
{PHOTO 06 Over}   This last photo was taken three minutes and eighteen shots
    later after the previous photo where the Red Guys were gone. The tiny Red
    Guy shot in for this one photo, part of him is in front of the tree that is 35 to
    40 feet away from John's silver wagon.

        It was so extraordinary of a series that I dowsed it and got that the very big
    Red Guy was the father of the other two smaller Red Guys, both sons. Comparing
    the two smaller Red Guys it might put the bigger of the two right around being a
    teenager, with the tiny one being much younger.

        Now we suspect that we know why the Red Guy always showed up next to
    John's super spiffy 4-wheel drive silver wagon. Being close to a teenager - you
    know how those boys feel about cars!

    November 29, 2004
        In a way this collage is rather sad. We realize that unless you have seen all
    the thousands of pictures we have taken towards the cars you would not see
    that 99% of them have had no Red Guys in them. We had just got a "Oh it's just
    reflection" type post about the Red Guy because he likes John's silver wagon
    so much and has appeared so many times near the front headlight, which does,
    and always has, given off a soft orange glow directly around it.

       Like the Orbs who telepathically knew when we got those "Oh it's just dust
    real close to the lens" posts and they started showing up partially behind tree
    trunks and branches that were a good 30 to 80 feet away, to prove they were
    not that close to the lens at all! Rather than do what they truly wanted to do
    and reveal themselves in all their glory

        Here's six photos of the Red Guy taken in sequence. He's flat on the ground,
    as far away from John's headlight as he could bear to be, just to show he was
    not a reflection. In the third photo there is just the barest hint of him.

{PHOTO On Ground Collage}   A collage of the Red Guy on the ground in front of
    John's silver wagon, taken between 3:23 am and  3:35 am.

       But Yes! He still got his moment of glory when John went out to shoot another
    stick at dawn (7:03 am)

{PHOTO Dawn}   Red Guy at dawn.

z z z z z z z z z z z z

IMPORTANT NEW UPDATE!!!   November 22, 2006

Red Guy & Cloak Girl

Another long unfolding story. Everybody has their own. The first Red Guy we saw
peeking at us over the hood of John's wagon was more of an orange-red. He did
not show up often so it was a surprise when he did. It was puzzling that he always
came in next to John's Xterra. After seeing this happen several times I got that
he was more on the order of what we would call a teenager - no wonder he liked
John's spiffy silver 4-wheel drive wagon! He did know, possibly by telepathy, that
some people were calling him a reflection from the headlight lens, even though
we had posted photos of the wagon when he was not there. One shoot he laid
down on the ground in front of the side of the wagon for five shots, but was still
reaching up to touch the tire of the wagon, like he just had to do it. We continued
to watch him come in on rare times. Then we found out about Cloaks one night
with John taking photos of Cloaks capturing Orbs and draining them of their light

We did not know the Red Guy was related to Cloaks until the night he flew in to
land in front of John's wagon. He was in mid-air and there was the scalloped bottom
we had associated with Cloaks. The big difference between Cloaks and the Red Guy
was that the Red Guy was a collector of fine vibrations and did not eat Orbs. Though
the Orbs still screamed when he would first come in, probably because he still had
the vibrations similar to Cloaks, they would usually settle down after awhile. When
the Red Guy came he would be in many pictures, posing and changing shape. When
Cloaks came in they would be in one or two photos then they were gone. The longest
time we got photos in sequence of a Cloak was when one came in close to John and
was looking at him. I think that was four or five pictures in a row, then John turned
the camera in a different direction.

At the Mississippi River tump (John put a gallon of labeled water into the river)
John got photos of the Red Guy in front of his wagon and a huge majestic really
red Red Guy behind his wagon. The difference in size and color was notable. I
think John got 80 plus shots of them that night. They even waited on him to come
back to the wagon to get another MemoryStick when the one he was using ran
out of space. A remarkable shoot, the large Red Guy disappeared at one point,
only to show up next inside John's wagon! The smaller orange Red Guy did a
number of different changes in shapes in front of the wagon, as if to distract John
from what the larger Red Guy was doing in his wagon. The larger Red Guy moved
from the middle to the back inside John's wagon. I asked John what had he done
with the empty labeled water jug and he said he had tossed it in the back. I guess
there would have still been some drops left in the jug for collectors of fine vibrations!

When John came back home he got really excited about the pictures he took at
the Mississippi River and for several days went out and took hundreds of photos
of his wagon at all different angles - no Red Guys. Then he had a dream one night
where a Red Guy was on the roof of his wagon, far away from the front and back
tail lights. The next time he went out to shoot two very red large Red Guys came
in, the orange Red Guy that we usually saw here, and a tiny light orange Red Guy.
One of the large Red Guys did move up and got on the roof of John's wagon! At that
time I dowsed that the tiny Red Guy and the other short Red Guy were brothers and
that one of the large Red Guys was their father. The other large Red Guy was a friend
that came along.

The tiny orange Red Guy popped in one night on his own. He disappeared so quickly
it was almost like he was snatched out of our dimension. It was not a good night and
I think the vibrations were not that good.

It seems a long time passed before a Red Guy came in again, this time it was a short
Red Guy that was more red than orange. Dowsing him I got that it was the same
Red Guy that we first got - the teenager - and the redder color showed he was growing
up. Then there were photos of a smaller orange-red Red Guy showing up that I dowsed
was the younger brother, also growing up.

On November 15th John got 19 photos of the small, younger brother Red Guy, who showed
up with a white Cloak near him. What was noticeable was the white Cloak stayed in the
photos in the same place and did not appear or disappear during the shoot, just like
the Red Guy. Seeing they were the same size, I got my pendulum out and got that it
was his girl friend! Just like Romeo and Juliet, love knows no boundaries.

And yes, the two were not hop, skip and jumping out on their own. Inside in the front
and above John's wagon was a large Cloak and a slightly smaller Cloak. Looks like
the girl's mom and dad came along to chaperone. They also stayed in a number of
photos in the same place, though in most of the photos they did not come all the way
through the dimensions but were more misty like.

{PHOTO 1}   In the first photo it shows the younger Red Guy waving at John in 3155
and not waving in 3164 (that little red tuft to the left of his head). The white Cloak
gal is in front of the tire near the top of it. John's front headlights do have orange
colored rims, but amazingly that part is behind the tree and the Red Guy is in front
of the tree.

{PHOTO 2}   The second photo is a better picture of the white Cloak girl in front of
John's tire with just a faint part of the Red Guy left, and the the photo on the right
was taken next - they are both gone.

   The third and fourth photos shows the original and an equalized version
of the full view of the Red Guy and his Cloak girlfriend along with Cloak mom and dad
inside and above John's wagon. The fourth is a close-up view of mom and dad - dad
is outside above and mom is inside in the front.

It is a rather far reaching story, to see that others on the dimensional side also have
families and care about their kids.
Even the notorious Cloaks.
Who may not be that notorious after all !!!

See the IMPORTANT NEW UPDATE!!!   November 22, 2006 on the Cloaks Page:  CLOAKS

z z z z z z z z z z z z

IMPORTANT NEW UPDATE!!!   December 25, 2006

Red Guy Leaves A Present!

John went out at dawn on Christmas morning to photograph with his Nikon D70S. He
came back in with a stunning series of photos he took of the Red Guy. Seventy-nine
photos include a few towards the end where the Red Guy left. John saw that he had
gone in the LCD screen and yelled "Come back!"
And the Red Guy did!

We composed cuts from the originals and put them in eight collages. These collages
are the biggest files we have on our site and will probably take extra time to load.
There was absolutely no way a few photos could show in detail what this Red Guy
did - you have to see them all, from the first to the last!

What made this a very special present was that two days before we had received a
rather bad post from someone who said the Red Guy was just the headlight on the
silver wagon. Having more pictures than we could count of John's wagon where the
Red Guys were NOT there, we could understand why that could be a problem for
persons just glancing at the pictures and not really looking at them all. Also the
headlights are not on! They never were in any of the Red Guy photos we have taken.

Ahhhh! But it appears the Red Guy reads our email! He went out of his way to
demonstrate several times that he was not connected to the headlight at all! He
moves to the right with a big space between him and the silver wagon. Part of him
is on top of the headlight, then he does a "Look! No hands!" and finally lets go of
the headlight! Also a lot of pictures show him in front of the small tree by the front
of the silver wagon. That tree is three feet away from the headlight. There are three
small tree trunks behind the Red Guy as he steps away from John's silver wagon.
John went out and measured those trees also and the first one is 12" from the
headlight and the last is 27" from the headlight.

{PHOTO 0 Full View}   This photo shows how far away John was from his silver
wagon when he was taking the pictures. We chose this one out of the series
because a new and unusual guy popped in to see what the Red Guy was doing! 
A cut of this new guy from the original size picture is in the inset in the lower left
corner. All the collages are cuts from the photos so you can see exactly what
the Red Guy did close up!


Some presents go beyond our grandest expectations. For us, this was a truly
great example of Consciousness Interaction. John went out that morning at
dawn with the intention of bringing back photos for a Christmas presnt. He
called for the Red Guy to come in. John did not know what the person had
said about the Red Guy being the headlight in the post from our website, I
never told him the specifics - I deleted the post after replying to the person.
So John's out there taking photos and calling the Red Guy in. The Red Guy
already knew about the post that person had sent, but not by reading what
was in John's mind since John did not know the person even wrote about
the Red Guy. I only told John it was a bad post. So the Red Guy took it on
himself to show the truth. What more could we have asked for?

Merry Christmas to all in this great big grand Universe !!!

z z z z z z z z z z z z

A VERY GRAND UPDATE!!!   January 13, 2007

Red Guy, White Cloak Lady & Pink Guy Child!!!

Here is another far reaching continuation of the Red Guy story.

On November 15th of 2006, John got pictures of the younger Red Guy who
showed up with a white Cloak girlfriend and Mom and Dad Cloak waiting
inside and above John's wagon.

Nearly two months later on January 13, 2007 John went out a few hours
before dawn and took 250 pictures, with an hour break in the middle. In
the first half there were 80 photos in sequence showing the Red Guy
peeking out at the front of John's wagon. Because the Red Guy is also
a Cloak, but one of a different color and pursuits, there were the usual
thing happening with some Orbs displaying chunks missing from their
edges and holes in them - screaming Orbs is what we call them - which
appears that those Orbs could detect the vibration of Cloaks. Red Guys
are collectors of very fine vibrations and do not attack Orbs. We finally
discovered that the white Cloaks were only attacking one particular
type of orb and draining the energy out of those.

These particular orbs were being used by persons in another dimension
to view life in other places. The biggest difference from these orbs and
the viewer Orbs we had encountered early on is that these orbs were
not living creatures or the person themselves. They were manufactured
by a machine that also gave the viewer a virtual reality experience of
the places they visited. The persons hooked up to the machine that
generated these mechanical orbs could feel a heightened sense of
emotions and feelings of what was going on around them in these
distant locations without them actually being here. This is what the
Cloaks found to be rather whimpy (that they were not actually there),
so the Cloaks made a game out of how many of these artificial energy
balls they could get and drain the energy out of during a given time
period. Being hooked up to the virtual reality machine, the persons
using those artificial Orbs would feel the whole effect of the Cloaks
chasing them and of the energy being drained out of them as if the
artificial orb were themselves. The Cloaks could tell which orbs these
were because there was no lifeform or consciousness in any of those
artificial orbs. This was confirmed in photos where Cloaks were seen
to race up to reflections from the flash of the camera off of bicycle
reflectors. Those would also be considered empty balls of light with
no consciousness inside that the Cloaks would investigate.

However, there were some shooters and other unknown Orbs that
were affected by the fear from the persons attached to the artificial
orbs were emitting
as the Cloaks were attacking. They would also
show up with the warning displays of chunks missing, holes and
splits. It could make for a messy night's shoot.

Back to January 13th. Here is the Red Guy, peeking out at John in
the first half of the shoot. Though there are some screaming Orbs,
there are not that many of them and most of the Orbs look quite
normal. In the first photo, the Red Guy is next to John's headlight
and never got much bigger than this in this 80 photo sequence,
though he did step away from the headlight in some photos. Above
the hood of the wagon is a colorful display of either three Orbs or
one Orb doing all - we can't tell. Take note that the colors are the
exact same red as the Red Guy in the back, white in the front and
a pink in between both on the left. These Orbs were actually
showing what was about to happen in the second half of the shoot.
There were several more displays of the same three colors of Orbs
in these first half photos, along with a red and a white Orb together
and more pink and white Orbs together.

Here are the three colored Orbs next to the Red Guy in the first
part of the shoot.

After taking an hour long break, John went back out and continued
photographing with his Nikon D70S. This is when he got the rest of
the story in a 79 photo sequence. He also tried something different
by shooting at the back end of his wagon rather than towards the
side of it. There was a surprising lack of screaming Orbs in these
photos and the Orbs were smaller than what John usually gets.

In photo 2, first the Red Guy appears wih his White Cloak Lady in
front of him. They are part way inside the wagon. Aren't they a fine
looking couple!
Second, a pink form starts to appear by the bumper of the wagon
while the Red Guy and White Cloak Lady move more inside the
Third, what do you get when you mix red and white together? Pink!
I actually dowsed this was their boy. Like when the baby Orbs
came in storms with their first outing and the few larger Orbs
dimmed their lights to show off the babies, the Red Guy and White
Cloak Lady disappeared to show off their child.

In photo 3, first the child disappeares but Mom and Dad show they
are still close by, only now on the left side of the wagon.
Second, the Pink Guy child starts to return again, with Mom and
Dad looking on. There are those red, white and pink Orbs again,
in front of the bumper next to the child on the right side. To me
this looks like it may have been one or two Orbs doing it since
there is an extra Orb that could be part of the motion trail that
js between the white and pink.
Third, the Red Guy and White Cloak Lady again disappear to show
off their Pink Guy child.

Looking back through the 159 photos of the two sequencies, it
appears that this Red Guy came in first to check the vibrations
before bringing in his lady and child. The Orbs clearly showed
they knew what he was going to do by showing up in the colors
that they did, especially the red,white and pinks both next to the
Red Guy in the first half and then again next to the Pink Guy child
in the second half.

The following photo collages show all 79 pictures taken in
sequence of the Red Guy, his White Cloak Lady and their
Pink Guy son!


z z z z z z z z z z z z


Date created: May 29, 2004
John and Jan Young
Copyright 2002 through 2008