We have been shooting on the largest picture size of 2240x1680. Great resolution! But a dilemma occurs when trying to send it through email or put it on the web. It's just too large! Reducing it just makes it so tiny no one can see anything.

        First we picked a size of what we wanted to make the photos (600x400), then by double-clicking the Rectangular Select tool in our photo software we entered that size in the options box. When you click on your  photo in the upper left corner the rectangle appears on the photo at the size you entered. Then all we had to do was move the rectangle around with the Mask Move tool until the most interesting parts were inside it. Cut, and there was your perfectly sized photo ready to go. No resolution loss with resizing or resampling, and you can certainly see the incredible details.

        The following photos were all sized like what was described above, so you are not seeing the entire picture, only about one-fourth of it. This is a collection of photos taken in mid 2001. There are Diamonds, blazing Orbs, colorful shooters and other guys we don't know anything about. Some were taken in our backyard or in the woods surrounding us, and some were taken while driving and shooting on the fly!

Click on the thumbnails to see the larger picture.


Date created: May 25, 2000
John and Jan Young
Copyright 2000 through 2008