Here are some photos we got with this new 5 meg camera. We've been photographing with this camera since the spring of 2003. It's been a good ORB and Other Reality Beings camera. We decided to give it its own web page because it has been so much fun to photograph with and appearantly has good vibrational frequency that has not inhibited the response from our friends who show up for photos with us. The photos below are recent and consistent with the thousands of photos we've shot since we began shooting with it.

The cabin roof is really a special place. It seems to be a place that attracts, is fun,  feels comfortable, and appears to be a place that is pretty well known. I have a little photography route I take that leads me to different locations around the cabin  where the best chance of activity has occurred over the years.  Below is one of those locations. It's  like a photographic alley way that includes the edge of the cabin roof and extends  to this particular background area of the shed, trees, and sky. A lot of unusual and surprising activity occurs in this photographic area. Since you are so close to the roof when photographing from this position, many who show up along the roof line can not only startle you by their sudden appearance, but they sometimes do it as a game because it is fun to startle you. Others will show up there because they feel comfortable showing up so close to you (and know you'll be there because it is part of your photo route). Some show up there to get your attention, such as departed spirits that need help going on.

October 25, 2004
Here is an example of a group of guys having fun startling me. They appear out of nowhere and then dissappear as quickly.
{Photo 01 - Dsc02112}  Nobody here and not much activity in the background.
{Photo 02 - Dsc02113}  In the next shot, out of nowhere - Surprise! Gotcha! BOO!
{Photo 03 - Dsc02114}  In the next shot they're gone.
November 7, 004
Here is an example of a departed spirit showing up requesting help to go on. Knowing that his/her appearance was so unusually close to me that I couldn't miss it, and apparantly knowing that by the ecto form Jan & I would check out who it was and their purpose for showing up.
{Photo 04 - Dsc02461}   Nobody here and hardly any activity in the back ground.
{Photo 05 - Dsc02462}   Out of nowhere this Ecto guy appears, looming over me and peering at me with direct eyecontact. This startled me too but I knew its appearance was for more of a reason than "Let's have fun and scare John". It was too much the same as what happened with the Orbs two weeks earlier. Almost like those Orbs told that Ecto guy what to do.
{Photo 06 - Dsc02463}   In the next photo as quickly as he/she appeared, they were gone.

October 30, 2004
{Photo 07 - Dsc02329}  Either this Orb is behind this tree, or this Orb is going through this tree. Here's how we are seeing this Orb. First, it is cocked at an angle in relation to the tree. We've noticed that this is pretty common positioning from many of the photos of Orbs behind branches and tree limbs we have taken. An Orb many times will be partially behind a branch or a limb and another part of the Orb will be in front or the branch or limb will be going through that part. The top rim of the Orb is blocked by the tree. As you move down the Orb you can see trails of light at the left edge of the tree and light residue from the Orb's surface across the left half of the tree and then tapering off (dissolving) the further you get over into the right half surface of the tree. So is the Orb going behind the tree or through the tree? Either way it has not emerged on the right side of the tree (unless we missed that). A cut from the original sized photo is in the inset on the bottom left.
A nice Nature Being is becoming visible in the center right side of the photo around the small branches and the Orange shooting Orb on the left is making a colorful take off.

{Photo 08 - Dsc02352}   Here are at least three Cloaks attacking Orbs (in the upper left hand corner of the photo). Not all Cloaks attack or bother Orbs, but this kind does. These Cloaks will attack Orbs by usually engulphing them, wrapping or grabbing them for the purpose of sucking the energy out of the Orb. This may not kill the Orb but it usually leaves it very damaged or debilitated. You can see the damaged Orbs in the Cloaks and some damaged Orbs around them. If you can't see the Cloaks around just look at the Orbs. The Orbs will be screaming and freaking out if Cloaks are around.

November 21, 2004
{Photo 09 - Dsc02639}  Quite a few Orbs showed up in the woods for photos.  In the upper center right  a nice golden topped one stands out.

November 29, 2004   Marathon Photo Shoot
{Photo 10 - Dsc02884}   Some nice Orbs appeared in the evening sky.
{Photo 11 - Dsc02932}   Some golden brown Orbs came in. I'm photographing along that cabin roof line location I mentioned earlier.
{Photo 12 - Dsc02940}   Orbs in the evening sky over an area of the garden. Notice the one in the upper center right with a good sized pie shaped chunk missing from it. A cut from the original size photo of that Orb is in the lower left corner.
{Photo 13 - Dsc02943}   A nice Orb shooting upward creating a vibrant and large contrail. Where did all of that energy come from?
{Photo 14 - Dsc02944}   As these Orbs came in closer through the woods four of them with various chunks missing gathered together in the upper center of the photo.
{Photo 15 - Dsc03051}   There are four different shaped shooting Orbs in this photo. The two together in the upper left center remind me of an Orb exclamation point.
{Photo 16 - Dsc03059}   A Nature Being is showing itself in the tree, and this orange top shooter seems to be leading the way for the rest of them.

Date created: June 30, 2004
John and Jan Young
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