Here are the current prices for our Orb Journals:

                         Orb Journal - Volume 1                        $14.95 plus shipping
                        Orb Journal - Volume 2                        $14.95
plus shipping
                        Orb Journal - Volume 3                        $14.95 plus shipping
                        Orb Journal - Volume 4  (2 CD set)     $21.95 plus shipping

        Also we are selling the entire 4 Volume set for a discount price of $60,
        which includes shipping to anywhere in the continental USA.

        We are accepting money orders and personal checks at this time.
        Sorry, no credit card purchases are available.

        Shipping charges are $5.00 for any one Volume shipped to the continental
        USA, with $.75 added for each additional volume, shipped by Priority Mail
        through the United States Postal Service. For other locations on the
        Earth the shipping will be calculated according to the current Priority Air
        shipping charges for those locations. For some locations there are country
        restrictions and also mail delivery may not be available.

        Click on "Email Beans" below to inquire about ordering.    



Date created: May 25, 2000
John and Jan Young
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