When we recently started seeing Orbs with chunks missing and holes in
    them we were not quite sure what was going on, only that it caused a rather
    disturbing feeling. It was several years after the Orb viewer wars and we dowsed
    that conflicts of interest were not what was causing the present day Orbs to
    look like that. Something else was causing this that we could not nail down. It
    had nothing to do with wars, environmental pollution, or dimensional upheavals.

        Then patterns started to develop and it appeared that the Orbs did that to
    themselves, or probably more accurately, they caused themselves to look like
    that when we took pictures of them. It was a warning of sorts that something
    was not quite right or there was a danger in our environment. Depending on
    how bad the Orbs made themselves look corresponded to how dangerous the
    situation was. Not very many Orbs with small holes indicated a small danger
    but not much damage. Orbs that appeared split in two indicated the greatest
    danger, possibly even life threatening.


#1 -September 19, 2002 "Warning! Danger! But maybe not too much damage."
        Our first indication that this might be the case was when John went outside
    to photograph one dark morning with the Sony Cybershot F505V. He got out
    into the middle of the yard, took a photo, then discovered he had not brought
    his flashlight with him. Since he had walked around so much in the dark and
    knew he wasn't going to go that far away from the cabin he decided to not go
    back into the house and he continued photographing. He managed to take
    thirty-six shots (Dsc04621 to Dsc04656) before he fell over a piece of rolled up
    fencing that was lying on the ground that he could not see and had forgotten
    it was there. His camera went flying and he bruised the side of his hand he used
    to catch himself with as he went down, and one leg was scraped. He immediately
    came back into the house, fearing the worst for his camera. As I was checking
    it out I had visions of an Orb flying through the air screaming "I got it! I got it!",
    and grabbing the camera like a football receiver and going down underneath
    the camera to cushion its fall!  After brushing the dirt off of it I could see that
    neither the camera lens or the filter over it was broken. But there was a small
    scratch on the black plastic rim of the filter where it had hit a rock. So I took
    a few shots in the cabin to see if it was still working. Everything was fine, even
    the flash worked. He decided not to go out again that morning.

        When we looked at his photos there was one photo he had taken (his tenth
    photo) with a group of Orbs in it. Only one large Orb had a large hole in it. At
    this time John is edging closer to the place he fell down. But he turned around
    and started taking photos from the direction he had come, and the Orbs are
    all normal looking. Again he starts moving towards the place he fell and in his
    seventeenth photo more Orbs show up with chunks missing from them, but
    not all of the Orbs in the photo. In the last picture he took just before he fell
    over the fence a number of large Orbs were over the cabin, standing back
    watching him, knowing that he could not see in the LCD screen, or at that time
    understand, the Orb warnings.

{PHOTO 1a - Dsc04630}   Orb with medium sized hole hole.
{PHOTO 1b - Dsc04637}   A few Orbs with chunks missing.


#2 - December 28, 2002  "Warning! Very dangerous! Large damage!"
        One morning I went out to feed the cats and discovered two of them on
    the roof of our cabin. The male - Nash - was usually up there most of the
    nights after he came back from making his rounds so it wasn't unusual.
    What was unusual was that Shasta was up there too. Nash was a small wiry
    cat, but very tough. He tended to find it to be a lark to chase the four female
    cats, hiding behind objects as they were walking towards him and then
    jumping out at them as they came close. The females gave him as wide a
    berth as possible to avoid those confrontations. So to see Shasta up there
    with him was a jolt. To have that happen three more days in a row was
    terrifically startling. The fourth day Shasta came down from the roof but
    Nash was nowhere to be seen. When it happened the fifth day and I still
    had not seen Nash I knew something was wrong. I picked up my pendulum
    and asked for it to show me what happened to Nash. I had a small sketch of
    our cabin on my lap. My pendulum went to a location just uphill from our
    cabin, probably about 25 feet away, and circled. This was a location where
    the cats liked to hang out because we had covered our not so deep well
    water pipes with leaves and a top coating of tar paper. Then my pendulum
    dashed off towards the back hill and woods, stopped and circled there. It
    then made a beeline towards the first location, circled, and dashed back to
    the second location, but this time continuing over the back hill, making a
    left turn and on to the larger creek and woods beyond, stopping to circle a
    location just on the other side of the larger creek. This last location put it on
    the other side of the top of our back hill from where our cabin is located.
    Confused, I asked my pendulum to show me that again, and several more
    times it traced the same lines. From the Alphabet Chart I could only get
    "Very fast animal got Nash".

         After considerable dowsing I got that an animal had come out of the woods
    and got him, and carried his body off back into the woods.   John just goes out
    strolling around in the woods when he takes photos, and because our property
    is mostly woods you could say it was just a continuation of the timber property
    woods beyond.

        Interference came on strong and it was several days before I could get a
    Yes for cougar, after naming all sorts of animals. Cougars are rare here, but
    not unheard of. John had seen one once years ago a couple of miles away
    on the side of the road. Our new neighbors to the south had also seen one in
    about the same spot as they were moving in.

        At this point there was nothing I could do but wait. A year before John had
    put up a deer feeder down in the valley between our cabin and the back hill.
    (John is not a hunter, he just wanted to be able to see the deer because since
    they are so rarely seen, and then only for a fleeting moment, it puts them in the
    magical category! He only shoots with his camera!) He made sure we could
    see it plainly from the window of our cabin. A few deer showed up after Nash
    was gone, then there were no more. We watched the squirrel population that
    used to be at the feeder dwindle to one lone squirrel, then we saw no more. It
    would be two more months before our neighbor to the south came down and
    said he had spotted cougar tracks running between their property and ours.
    He also said that the not so nice guy on the other side of him had come down
    and asked if he had seen two small dogs that had turned up missing.  He also
    commented on the big drop of deer and squirrels coming to his own deer
    feeder. He said he used to have about twenty deer coming down, now there
    was only one, and not very often. At this point I felt my dowsing had been
    confirmed, even though we had still not seen the cougar ourselves.

        Going back to the second day Nash was gone. Just before we went out
    photographing that night I had a dream where I was looking out the window
    and a cougar, or mountain lion, was standing next to the deer feeder. John
    went around the property to photograph three nights in a row with his Sony
    Cybershot F505V. As long as he was close to the cabin he got normal looking
    Orbs. When he would photograph down by the deer feeder the Orbs had holes
    and chunks missing from them.

        The deer feeder is behind our cabin down by a wet weather creek that flows
    between our two hills. It flows down to a larger creek that runs behind the
    back hill. John has a little route he travels when he goes out to photograph
    at night. He shoots towards the shed, walks towards it and stops to shoot out
    over the garden, then walks closer to the shed to shoot back at the cabin.
    Then he goes down to the deer feeder and shoots there. Then he walks
    towards the small creek between the front and back hill of our property and
    shoots there. That's where he got the first photos of the Nature Beings, so he
    always checks it out to see if they will appear.

        Those three nights he got a number of photos of Orbs with missing chunks
    from their edges and large holes in them. In his shots over the garden he got
    a big Orb that had split in two. One night he went down to the small creek on
    the other side of the deer feeder.  The closer he got to the small creek the more
    Orbs showed up as split in two, or with holes or chunks missing. He turned at
    the small creek and started following it down towards where it emptied into the
    big creek. He only got a short ways down the small creek when all of a sudden
    the Orbs disappeared! So he turned around and came back to the cabin, getting
    some beautiful shooters over the garden in his last shot. The Orbs had been
    successful in luring him away from the creek. If they had continued showing
    up in his LCD screen when he took the photo he would have kept going towards
    the big creek.

        He told me what had happened and I dowsed that the cougar was on top of
    the back hill, a bit more down from the top, watching him as his flash went off.
    If John had continued walking down our small creek towards the big creek it
    would have put him very close to where the cougar was waiting.

December 29, 2002
{PHOTO 2a - Dsc06235}   All the Orbs look fine in this photo, and in the ones he
    took before.
{PHOTO 2b - Dsc06237}   An Other popped in and the Orbs started getting chunks
    missing and holes in them. Blowups at bottom.

JUST ADDED !!!    SEE #5 for an update on the Others!

{PHOTO 2c - Dsc06247}   A couple of more Others flew in, more chunks and here
    an Orb is cut in half. Blowups at bottom.
{PHOTO 2d - Dsc06250}   Chunks missing and it looks like they are starting to split.
    Blowups at bottom.
{PHOTO 2e - Dsc06252}   More of the same as above. Blowups at bottom.
{PHOTO 2f -  Dsc06256}   This split Orb is right above the deer feeder, though you
    can't see the feeder. Blowup at bottom.

December 30, 2002
{PHOTO 2g - Dsc06332}   Just starting out - one Orb with a chunk missing.
{PHOTO 2h - Dsc06343}   Large Orbs with chunks missing.
{PHOTO 2i -  Dsc06345}   Very faint large Orb with two large holes.
{PHOTO 2j -  Dsc06350}   One large Orb half gone and a small split Orb.
{PHOTO 2k - Dsc06355}   Big holes and a chunk missing from Orbs.

December 31, 2002
{PHOTO 2l  - Dsc06385}   John's just past the deer feeder, on his way to the wet
    weather creek on our property.
{PHOTO 2m - Dsc06386}   He shoots down the creek.
{PHOTO 2n - Dsc06387}   He steps closer to the creek.
{PHOTO 2o - Dsc06388}   John turns around and shoots behind him, a blazing Orb
    and another split Orb zoom in. If the part of the split Orb was supposed to be an
    arrow it would be pointing back at the cabin (John! Go home!)
{PHOTO 2p - Dsc06400}   John turns back around and continues to walk down the
    creek in the direction of the bigger creek. More Orbs faint with chunks missing.
{PHOTO 2q - Dsc06403}   At this point John is about 100 feet from the deer feeder.
{PHOTO 2r  - Dsc06404}   He turns and shoots up the back hill - no Orbs.
{PHOTO 2s - Dsc06406}   He turns around to start back towards the deer feeder.
    Still no Orbs.
{PHOTO 2t - Dsc06412}   When he got back to the cabin he took one last shot over
    the garden and these beautiful shooters came in!


#3 - December 10, 2003   "Warning! Danger! But not much damage."
        Here is an incident where we could actually photograph the warning and the
    damage that happened.  John went out photographing a few nights ago with his
    new camera - a Sony Cybershot F717. The weather was gusty, sometimes it
    sounded like it would blow something away! He came back with some very large
    Orbs taken from over the garden. In two photos taken consecutively he had two
    Orbs with a medium sized hole in them in the first. The other Orbs looked normal.
    The same in the second photo with either a hole in a different Orb or the hole
    was in a different place in the same Orb and it had moved to the left. All his
    photos taken in different directions than over the garden had normal Orbs in
    them. It was only down there, on the other side of the garden, that the Orbs had
    holes in them.

{PHOTO 3a - Dsc05461}   First photo Orbs with holes. (Take note of the white arrow
    at the top of the photo and the white X at the bottom)
{PHOTO 3b - Dsc05462}   Second photo Orb with hole. (Take note of the white arrow
    at the top of the photo and the white X at the bottom)

        The next morning I noticed I could not see the top of a dead pine tree through
    the window above our computer. There used to be two of them but a week ago
    the first had finally hit the ground. Because the greenery is rather thick in the
    garden I couldn't see where the dead pine tree had fallen. They had both been
    standing on the other side of the garden, just beyond a small place where John
    had fenced in to grow peppers, and to the left of the deer feeder. I went to the
    window where we could see the deer feeder from and saw where that last dead
    pine tree had landed. It miraculously had not hit the deer feeder, but landed
    smack dab in the middle of John's pepper patch! John had gathered the last of
    the peppers two weeks ago and a cold snap had finished off the plants already.
    The "small" damage done was to both sides of the pepper patch fence, and the
    fence to the big garden in front. It was easy enough to fix by pulling the fencing
    back up, after John cut up the pine tree and removed it. Going back to the two
    photos above with the Orbs that have holes in them, the white arrow I put in at
    the top of each photo is exactly on and pointing down the location of the dead
    pine tree while it was still standing. In the two photos above, the more distinct
    Orb with the hole was on the right side of the dead pine tree, with another fainter
    Orb with a hole is very close to the top of the right side of the dead pine tree, in
    the center top of the photo. Actually the more distinct Orb with the hole is very
    close to the exact landing area of where the dead pine tree fell, between the
    two tall bushes in the back of the big garden. I marked the landing area of the
    dead pine tree with an X. Then in the next shot an Orb with a hole in it was on
    the left side of the dead pine tree.

{PHOTO 3c - Dsc05573}   The fallen dead pine tree from a distance.
{PHOTO 3d - Dsc05571}   Closer view of the fallen dead pine tree draped over the pepper patch fence.

        As John got closer to the pine tree he took three pictures where a red colored
    something is on the right edge of the photo. It is there in all three, though slightly
    moving. At first I thought it was leaves that had turned for fall coloring, but upon
    blowing it up the red is also on the tree trunk. It was not a glare caused by the
    sun shining through because the sun was already behind the back hill. You can
    see the sun shining in the background only because that is where the back hill
    slopes down into a valley. A list member of the Universal-Orbs Group had sent in
    a photo of a red globular shaped mist in front of a very old tree, saying it was
    what they called a tree spirit. Possibly this red might also be a tree spirit, though
    I don't think it was from the pine tree that had fallen, because that tree had been
    dead for several years now.

{PHOTO 3e - Dsc05571}   Red mist by fallen dead pine tree


#4 - September 12, 2003   "Warning! Warning!"
        John and I were sitting out under the Orb Veranda one night (a tent-like
    structure with open sides). Our chairs are positioned to face the back hill and
    the garden in front of it. It is a large open area where Orbs like to come in. We
    would talk for awhile, then casually take a few shots out into the open area.
    We were getting a few Orbs that night. Every so now and then I would pan the
    area from right to left, then back again. The LCD screen on my Epson 3100Z
    is small and I could see a few of the larger Orbs as they came in. Hard to see
    much detail until we see the photos on the computer.

        At one point I shot to the far right towards the cabin and a large something
    was revealed in the LCD screen. In the next couple of shots in that direction it
    was gone. I shot 122 photos that night. When we went in to look at the photos
    the Pink Orb was making some wild maneuvers in the middle of that photo

        The Pink Orb has been with us from the beginning. That Orb likes to point
    things out in the photos by making a moving motion in the direction of an
    object or something (or somebody!) that he wants to make sure we don't miss.

        On June 6th of 2003 the Pink Orb made some wild configuration above John's
    barbecue table, situated a little downhill from where we park our cars. I couldn't
    find anything in the photos taken that night to see what, if anything, he was
    trying to tell us. Below is that photo.

{PHOTO 4a - Epsn0018}   Pink Orb over barbecue table.

        Two days later our cat named "Q" (short for SuzyQ) was gone when I went
    out to feed the cats. She was like clock work, always at the door or not far
    away when I opened it in the morning. As the two other cats ate I kept calling
    for her. I remembered for the last few days she had also been going up on the
    roof, just like Shasta did when Nash was carried away by the cougar. I pulled
    my pendulum out as I was sitting on the porch and asked what happened to Q.
    My pendulum circled and then swung towards John's barbecue area. I went to
    look and couldn't find her anywhere.

        A little while later I went in and pulled the sketch of our property out so
    that maybe I could get a bigger picture of what had happened to her. My
    pendulum swung towards the barbecue area and stopped to circle. Then it
    took the route that was now quite familiar to me as to how the cougar came
    over the back hill from the other side of the big creek beyond it - a place
    where I got it had a temporary lair of sorts. Next it showed a path from that
    location that came down between our property and our neighbors to the
    south. The path my pendulum traced came down on the left side of where
    the deer feeder was located, stopping short of the deer feeder it swung in
    a circle, then dashed over to the barbecue table. It stopped to circle there,
    then headed back in the direction towards the deer feeder, paused, then
    followed the route taken by the cougar, up the back hill and to its lair beyond.
    There was where my pendulum stopped.

        John went out and around our property, calling for her. I was still dowsing
    and got that she was following John around. He came back and said he did
    not see her anywhere. In sudden deaths many of our pets missed the bus and
    did not go on. When Nash was taken by the cougar I got that he had jumped
    out of his dead body and ran under the house. Later I  got that he was at the
    south end of our cabin - waiting. John searched under the house and at the
    other south end place I got while dowsing, but we could not find his body. I
    knew what Nash was waiting for in that place. The Beings from the Light
    always came from that direction to escort those that had gone on to the Light,
    then left going back towards the south. (That's how my pendulum shows it, it
    may be different in any other location than where we live.) I called for escorts
    for him, dowsed they came and took him away, then he was gone.

        I got that she was on the porch behind me, so I did the same for Q. "I call
    for Beings from the Light to come and escort Q to the Light and to her greatest
    good. So be it, it is done and it is so. Thank you!" My pendulum swung towards
    the south and tracked someone coming on in. It circled, then tracked that
    someone going back to the south. I asked if the Beings from the Light had
    come and taken Q and got a Yes. And they took her to the Light? Yes.
    And she was gone.

       The Pink Orb had returned to let us know that the cougar was back in our
    area again. Here are the photos taken on September 12th, the night we were
    photographing under the Orb Veranda. Taken with the Epson 3100Z. All except
    0070 were shot in the direction of where I dowsed the cougar has his lair
    beyond the back hill. In photo 0070, the bright thing next to the cabin is the
    Pink Orb forming a giant pointing hand. The hand is pointing up towards the
    top of the back hill.

{PHOTO 4b - Epsn0060}   Pink Orb circling so fast it looks like a star in a circle.
{PHOTO 4c - Epsn0062}   Pink Orb moving.
{PHOTO 4d - Epsn0063}   Pink Orb exploding, trying hard to get our attention. "Hey!"
{PHOTO 4e - Epsn0068}   Pink Orb in a minor exploding motion.
{PHOTO 4f - Epsn0070}   Pink Orb forming a giant pointing hand.
{PHOTO 4g - Epsn0070a}  Comparison of giant pointing hand with my pointing hand.
{PHOTO 4h - Epsn0074}   Pink Orb in a slight moving motion.

{PHOTO 4i - EpsnCyber}  In fondest memories of our Nash and the Q.
            For Nash, who we could only play with using a stick longer than what
        he could jump! Good thing he wasn't any bigger than he was! When John
        brought him home it was too early to leave his mother, but his mother
        had too many babies to feed. So we gave him canned milk, saying "Nash,
        here's your milk." Milk was the only word he knew exactly what it meant.
        When he got older he started getting rather stodgy and more aloof. The
        appearance in his face was like "I know everything and you can't tell me
        anything new."  Every couple of months we would get a can of milk out
        (he didn't care much for milk in any other form) and holler "Nash, come
        get your milk!" The most amazing transformation would come over his
        face. His ears would turn more forward and his eyes would get real big,
        like a little kid on Christmas Eve. Years would drop away and he was
        young again. He would come on a run. Once I watched him as he walked
        away, with his belly full of milk. He got about fifty feet away and ran part
        way up a tree trunk. He stopped, stared up towards the top of the tree for
        a few seconds, then leapt down and wandered away. It was what I had
        seen all of our kittens do when they first learned to climb a tree. Scramble
        part way up the trunk, stop and stare intently up it for a few seconds, then
        come back down to the ground. I often wondered what they saw in those
        few seconds.

            For the Q, who would follow us as we walked through the woods. Some
        of the other cats also came, but not all and not as many times as she would.
        We have photos of her staring at the Orbs. She always remained young at
        heart, chasing her tail for a lark when nothing else was going on. I could
        say "Oh, Q, come and give me a hug!". She would jump on my lap and
        standing upright put both her paws on my right shoulder. It was her way of
        giving me a hug. I would give her a big hug back. Then she would lay on my
        lap for a little while. She was always there, and I think I miss her the most.


#5 - December 28, 2003 "Warning! Danger! Danger! Big Time Damage!"
        In this section we will tell the story of screaming Orbs warning about danger
    in their environment. This was just caught on film tonight.

        We have several photos where the Orbs would start screaming and these
    Other dimensional persons would show up. It was obvious that the Orbs did
    not care for these particular Others. We thought that maybe those Others
    were emitting bad vibrations, but we did not know to what extent - until now!

        I started calling these particular dimensional forms Cloaks because it looked
    to me like someone wearing a long cloak with a hood. Up front we need to say
    that not all Cloaks are bad guys. There is one Cloak that has shown up here a
    few times that is red - we call him the Red Guy. Although the Orbs start to
    scream just before the Red Guy comes in, they settle down once he is here
    and return to looking normal. Here is the link to the Red Guy.   RED GUY!!!

        John went out photographing with his Sony Cybershot F717 a few hours after
    I had been out. It was raining still and he could see in the LCD screen that there
    were a number of Orbs coming in.  When we looked at his photos on the computer
    the Orbs in the first quarter of the shoot were fine.

        [ Most photos are cuts from the originals, then reduced in size. Where it is
        indicated as a "crop", that photo is cut from the original sized photo without
        reduction. They have all been lightened quite a bit. Where it is indicated as
        "equal" in the photo title link those photos have been equalized to show much
        better what is going on in the photo. ]

{PHOTO 5a1 - Dsc05744}   The Orbs look fine and normal in these three shots.
{PHOTO 5a2 - Dsc05744crop}   Included is a crop out of the originals.
{PHOTO 5b1 - Dsc05750}
{PHOTO 5b2 - Dsc05750crop}
{PHOTO 5c1 - Dsc05759}
{PHOTO 5c2 - Dsc05759crop}

        In the second quarter there were groups of screaming Orbs in every picture.
    Mostly there would be a group of them in the center or near the edge of the
    photo with holes, chunks missing and sometimes splits in them, but the Orbs
    surrounding the screaming Orbs still looked fine.

{PHOTO 5d1 - Dsc05671}   Here are some of the screaming Orbs, with crops.
{PHOTO 5d2 - Dsc05671cropleft}
{PHOTO 5d3 - Dsc05671cropright}
{PHOTO 5e1 - Dsc05674}
{PHOTO 5e2 - Dsc05674crop}

        John continued walking down the creek and the Orbs returned to looking
    normal. As he kept walking and shooting the Orbs started changing again. He
    got back to the cabin and shot above it - all the Orbs looked normal.

        We kept watching as each photo was opened on the computer. Many more
    screaming Orbs appeared in each one. Finally some Cloaks showed up, right
    in the middle of a group of screaming Orbs. Looking again the next day we saw
    things we had missed in the chaos. In three consecutive photos the whole
    story was revealed. In the first we had to equalize the photo to see two outlines
    of the hoods of the Cloaks. A cut of the original is shown here with the equalized
    version right afterwards. In the equalized version we put two arrows in to show
    you where the outlines of the two Cloaks are.

{PHOTO 5f1 - Dsc05707}   Too far away to see much.
{PHOTO 5f2- Dsc05707crop}   Closer look, can barely see what is revealed in
    the equalized photo below.
{PHOTO 5f3- Dsc05707cropequal}   Two arrows point to the outlines of two
    different Cloaks coming in. The arrow on the right is pointing at a Cloak in
    the process of eating or vacuuming up the Orb it has captured.
{PHOTO 5f4 - Dsc05707blowup}   This is a blowup of the Cloak eating the Orb.

        We have seen hundreds of photos of shooting Orbs, screaming or looking
    just fine, so it was difficult at first to see what was going on with one of those
    Orbs in the next photo. It was different from what we had ever seen before.
    Finally we realized that it was part of one of the Cloaks that had wrapped
    around the Orb. In the equalized version you can see the hood of one Cloak
    right behind that Orb, with the hood of another Cloak to the left of it.

{PHOTO 5g1- Dsc05708}   You can see some screaming Orbs in the center top
    of the photo.
{PHOTO 5g2- Dsc05708crop}   A closer look reveals those screaming Orbs and
    some unusual lighter objects. The one right of center is a Cloak grabbing an
    Orb, which you can see far better in the equalized version below.
{PHOTO 5g3 - Dsc05708cropequal}   Equalized, you can now clearly see the Cloak
    that is grabbing the Orb, with another Cloak coming in to the left of it.
{PHOTO 5g4- Dsc05708blowup}   This is a blowup of the Cloak wrapping around
    an Orb and grabbing it.

        John walked uphill to get closer to the cabin when he took the third shot,
    but it is still aimed at the same location in the sky. In this photo a Cloak is
    much brighter (possibly from eating energized Orbs???), but in the equalized
    photo we could see more Cloaks coming in. We put an arrow in to show the
    location of what happened to the Orb that was grabbed in the previous photo.
    There is also a blowup of it below

{PHOTO 5h1 - Dsc05709}   One Cloak can be seen without equalizing the photo.
    It is right behind the screaming shooting Orb slightly left and up from the center.
{PHOTO 5h2 - Dsc05709crop}   A closer view of the Cloak..
{PHOTO 5h3 - Dsc05709cropequal}   Equalized, more Cloaks can be seen coming in.
{PHOTO 5h4 - Dsc05709blowup}   Here is a blowup of what is happening to the
    Orb that was grabbed by the Cloak. The Cloak appears to be either eating it or
    sucking the energy out of the Orb. The Orb is dissolving rapidly, turning darker.
    A bright screaming Orb with a chunk missing is shooting up to the left of the
    Cloak and dissolving Orb.
{PHOTO 5h5 - Dsc05708&9blowups}   This is a blownup side by side comparison
    of the Orb that was grabbed in the second photo and how it is dissolving (or
    disappearing), still being held by the Cloak in the third photo.

        Now we knew part of "the rest of the story". Good? Bad? The comparison of
    natural predators and prey could be made between Cloaks and Orbs, hunters
    and deer, even cougars and cats. All according to their own point of view.

We still favor the Orbs, deer and cats though!


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John and Jan Young
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