John just finished an excellent article on "Consciousness Interaction" in Bean Soup - #9.
Bean Soup #9 - Consciousness Interaction
The following account with photos is a good example of that article!

On June 18th, 2006 John got a 6 meg Nikon D70S to replace his crippled Sony Cybershot F717. With every camera we bought there was always the fear that we would either not get Orbs or they would look bad (washed out or all faint). It was the same with this new camera, if not more so. We had heard different people commenting that the higher meg cameras did not photograph Orbs as much as the lower meg cameras did.

So without knowing much more than turning the camera on, John went out that night to see what would happen. He came back in several times because the external Vivitar 285 flash would not fire in complete darkness. He finally found settings where that worked. Some of the photos were out-of-focus, but I think that was mainly caused by him not using his monopod this first time out.

There were Orbs that were so faint that we had to equalize the photos to see that they were even there. In one out-of-focus photo a number of Orbs with defined rims popped in - they were very different from the ones we had gotten before. A tiny blue Orb popped in to observe. There were Orbs that could have been more like Beings with their fiery edges and no defined rim. Then all of a sudden it looked like something our pal the Pink Orb would have done. That Orb did a quick movement in the sky as if yelling "Yes!", like the frequency was found or matched, or whatever it is dimensionally that makes certain Orbs visible to certain cameras. John made a sigh of relief when he saw those photos!

 Because of the large file size (3008 x 2000) for the Nikon D70S, all the photos shown here have been cropped and resized. Some of the closeups and insets were copied and pasted from the original sized photo and some were enlarged. With some photos we showed more of the original photo so you could get a feel for the woods John was photographing in. Regardless, we tried to give a closeup view of the guys who came in with all the photos so you could get a good look at them.

{PHOTO 01 - 0026, 0028, 0030, 0054, 0071, 0089}  Collage of some of the guys that came in for John's first try with the Nikon D70S.

{PHOTO 02 - 0102} The movements of this Orb can barely be seen, making it look more like a Being, but it appears to be ending with an up and down motion - like indicating a  knodding of the head or a "Yes!"

We got up early just after midnight on the 20th, John had a chance to read more of the manual and took his monopod outside with him to try new settings. At 1:40 am John took his first picture and stopped at 1:48 am. Again there were several that looked more like Beings than Orbs, and one pinkish looking Orb shooting upwards. John had made his way down to our backyard creek when he got the pinkish Orb. He turned to the right and got four consecutive pictures of a moving Orb with a slightly green cast. It was back in late 1999 when we had seen the same thing - at that time we called it the "Hey! Orb", like the Orb was yelling "Hey! Over here!" We looked at where this "Hey! Orb" was and saw that whatever it was that it wanted to show John was somewhere downstream from where John was standing, towards a larger creek that this smaller creek emptied into. We both dowsed that whatever the Event was, it would happen on the way to the larger creek and not at it.

{PHOTO 03 - 0150}  White Being/Orb over the woods in back.
{PHOTO 04 - 0153}  White Being/Orb in an elongated form, or it could be slightly moving.
{PHOTO 05 - 0155}  A group of three waiting for John as he approached the small creek in our backyard.
{PHOTO 06 - 0160}  This is a big picture of the first photo of the "Hey! Orb" series. The other three photos were identical except for the movement of the "Hey! Orb".
{PHOTO 07 - 0160, 0161, 0162, 0163}  Here is a collage of all four of the "Hey! Orb".

John took a long break while we marveled at such a turn of events. At 3:18 am he went out again, calling the dogs to go with him. All three went, very excited because it had been a long time since he had walked through the woods photographing at night. For his first photo he shot towards the small backyard creek as he was approaching it. An Orb was waiting there for him.

{PHOTO 08 - 0174}  Orb waiting for John in the woods by the small backyard creek.

When I looked at that Orb on the laptop computer I could barely make out facial features so I added contrast and saw a face with long curly hair. Little Wing flashed through my mind and I asked John to dowse that Orb. (Little Wing, named by John,  had been an Orb that was a person helping John quite a bit - a Companion Orb. He was very recognizable to me with the Cybershot F505V, which John had not used since he got the Cybershot F717.) John pulled his pendulum out and got that it was not Little Wing but was in the same spirit family as Little Wing which had twenty-seven members.

John turned to the right and started to follow our small backyard creek, taking photos in different directions. In one photo a moving Orb was centered in the photo like it was urging him to go straight on. As I was going through the photos again I saw a faint light tube at the upper edge of that photo.

{PHOTO 09 - 0189}  The streak of blue in the center of the photo looks like it might be a moving Orb. A gray tube of light is near the top.
{PHOTO 10 - 0189}  Closeup view of gray light tube and blue mover.

Twenty-six shots later  the Orb from Little Wing's spirit family appeared low to the ground. Near the top of the photo was a faint tube of light in a blue-green color could be seen amid the leaves of the trees.

{PHOTO 11 - 0215}  A small pink colored Orb is on the right side and a blue-green tube of light is barely visible at the top.
{PHOTO 12 - 0215}  Closeup views of the pink Orb and blue-green tube of light.

Another series of consecutive photos showed the same Orb near the right side of the photo. In each photo that Orb moved farther to the right. Unfamiliar with looking at the preview pictures in the LCD screen, John did not see the meaning of the Orb which appeared to be showing him to go a little to the right and John took a path towards the left.

{PHOTO 13 - 0228}  This is the first of three consecutive photos where the same Orb appeared, moving to the right.
{PHOTO 14 - 0228, 0229, 0230}  Collage of the same Orb moving to the right.

Thirty shots went by and a pale thick tube of light popped in, disappeared, then came in for the next two shots. This tube moved like the KEA - retaining its horizontal tube form as it changed locations, and looked similar, but through dowsing I got that this life form did not fight bad energies like the KEA did and did not shoot light out of its ends. Since it was not a KEA, we chose to call it a tube of light for lack of a better name. It appeared to be a gray color with a halo effect of green near its edge.

{PHOTO 15 - 0260}  The first of four consecutive photos where a gray colored tube of light appeared, disappeared, and came back in the following two photos.
{PHOTO 16 - 0260, 0261, 0262, 0263}  Collage of the gray colored tube of light.

John continued on his way down the creek, still taking pictures, and the same Orb from Little Wing's spirit family appeared with a twig going through the center of the Orb.

{PHOTO 17 - 0272}  In all this mass of foliage, somewhere there is an Orb with what looks like a twig going through it. And Yes! I did almost miss that!
{PHOTO 18 - 0272}  Closeup view of the Orb with what looks like a twig going through it.

While I was waiting for John to come back from the woods with the photos I dowsed that whatever it was the "Hey! Orb" tried to tell us about had to do with a vibrational feat of some sort, and it would be in photos "one time after the other" - in two consecutive photos

John got those two consecutive photos of the vibrational feat where the tube of light appeared above and behind two of the dogs. In the first photo the tube of light was a pale purplish color, in the second photo a deep shade of blue!

{PHOTO 19 - 0287}  First of two consecutive photos where a pale purple-blue light tube appears to the left above our two dogs "C" and "Juju".
{PHOTO 20 - 0288}  Second of two consecutive photos where the same light tube changed from a pale purple-blue to deep blue.

I wondered if the gray light tube and the colored ones were all the same light tube, changing from gray to purple to blue.

I dowsed that the Orb had called the tube of light in so John could check his camera out with the real phenomena!

On June 25th, 2006 John went out again to photograph just before dawn.

{PHOTO 21 - 0322}  The return of the two light tubes - one gray and one blue-green - showing up side-by-side to let us know that there were two of them, rather than just one like I had originally thought. There's Juju again! They must like her! She knows how to grin!
{PHOTO 22 - 0328}  A white Being/Orb sailing through the night sky. See you next time!

Date created: June 29, 2006
John and Jan Young
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