Here are a few links to help you get started Dowsing:
-   "A Letter To Robin" by Walt Woods
-    "Learn How To Use A Pendulum" by John Living
-    Jackie Reid's Digital Dowsing Page
-    Chris Godzik's Divining Mind

If you want to join a Dowsing discussion group check this site out:
-    International Society of Dowsers

For some interesting ideas and information on dowsing, leylines and cropcircles:
-   Leylines & Dowsing

Expanding our knowledge of our universe through established science and innovative new ways of looking at and exploring the mysteries of life around us.
-   Open SETI


    Here is a great new site, very fun and fascinating!  We did an email interview for their first issue on Orbs and dowsing.  Now there are two MP3 interviews that were recorded between the Night Watchman and John that are also accessable from the Night Watchman Chronicles site in their MP3 section!
-   The Night Watchman Chronicles

   This site has just been created around May 2007 and may prove to have extensive information on Orbs in the near future!
A podcast article on Orbs by Klaus Heinemann has just been put in the Articles section.
-    The Orbs Wiki

    Sedona Orbs conference DVDs and CDs are available at link below from Conference Recording Service:

    We highly recommend to everyone the video made by Hope & Randy Mead - "ORBS: The Veil Is Lifting".  A truly magnificent piece of work, this video reveals their experiences with the Orbs and Others connecting with our reality at this time. Our experiences led us to many of the same conclusions that they observed. Here is their website:
-    Hope & Randy Mead's Tools For Transcendence

Unfortunately it appears their website is gone, but if you put "ORBS: The Veil Is Lifting" in Google there is a site where you can download the video.
2007 GREAT UPDATE!!!  A friend sent the url where you can buy the video! Click on Movies on the left when you get to the home page!!!
There are other very interesting books and videos here.
Beyond Words Publishing Inc.

     Great book! "The Orb Project" by Miceal Ledwith and Klaus Heinemann. You can get it at Beyond World Publishing Inc. also or check out for both "The Orb Project" and
"ORBS: The Veil Is Lifting".

    For those of you wanting to find out more on how to photograph your own Events an excellent book was released in January 2005 - "How To Photograph the Paranormal" by Leonore Sweet, Ph.D. Here is her website, which includes photos, tips and other valuable information:
Photographing the Paranormal

    Joe and Ginny's photos of light tubes are something so beyond anything we have ever seen before!  Their approach of asking questions while photographing has produced some amazing results!
-   Orbs Unlimited's Online Journal

    Michael Lightweaver has a very delightful site with an interesting account of his experiences and photos taken of Beings and Orbs!
-   Mountain Light Elves

    Ever wonder if your pets are still hanging around after their body dies? Check out this site for some interesting information and photos!
I See Dead Pets

    Below are only some of our favorite places to view Orb photos:

-    Jitzle's Page
-    Connecticut Ghost Research Society
-    The Orb Hunters!
-   Diane Scott's Your Window To The Beauty Of The North Georgia Mountains.
    Scroll down the home page to find the link for "Other Worldy Photos".
-    James Gilliland's ECETI
-    Pine Bush, NY
-    Yvonne Moore's Home Page
-    Rich & Mary's Paranormal Page - Paranormal Investigations of Texas
-    Chris the Wizard's Orbs in Bali
    Click on the big picture to get to some really interesting photos taken in Bali!
-    The Shadowlands

-    Evergreen Paranormal
-    Washington State Ghost Society
-    Cathe's Ghost Encounters of the Civil War Kind
-    Jim Eaton's Ghost Study
-    Dave Oester and Sharon Gill's International Ghost Hunters Society
-    Debbie Moore's  Photos - Spirit Emanations (Orbs) and other photographic anomalies
-    Diana's Orb Web Page
-    Haunted Fort Lauderdale
-    Dusty's Pages (please click Reload if these don't come up right away)
         - Daytona Beach Paranormal Research Group
         - Haunts of the World's Most Famous Beach (ghost tours)
-    Coast to Coast AM
-    Project Hessdalen
-    Cosmic Conspiracies

These folks are doing some great research with crop circles and orbs.  Very interesting information in both Dutch and English. See their photos!
-     Ed Vos    Ed's Homepage
-     Ed Vos    Dutch Light Orbs

-     Ed & Kris Sherwood's Crop Circle Answers

Also, there were discussion groups on Orbs.

The Orb Research Group was the first group created, on September 11, 1999, which the Universal-Orbs Group below it is a continuation of. Here it is closed for posting because space was running out, the Messages used to be open to the public, but it appears the owner of the list has set that feature for members only. You will have to register with Yahoo and sign in with your user name and password in order to access the Messages in the left column. The photos that were attached to these posts can no longer be opened because Yahoo dumped all photos that were in the Messages Archives.

However!!! Ed Vos, the owner of the Universal-Orbs Group, currently has put up a website with all the photos that were saved!!!
-    Orb Research Group

While there, you will now have to join to read the messages. If you want to join in the current discussion copy and paste the url on the Orb Research Group home page that will take you to the Universal-Orbs home page, or click on the url below. Just follow the instructions to subscribe to the Universal-Orbs Group, which is continuing the discussions, photos and experiences. (See UPDATE below) It was activated March 10th of 2003. Photos as attachments do go out the majority of the time to all members who have their email set to Individual Emails. Those attachments are no longer stored at the Yahoo site and cannot be opened. The owner Ed Vos is striving to put a website up with those photos that can be accessed by comparing the message number. He has all past photo attachments up already and for the newer posts you'll need to give him a week or two to get those up.

UPDATE!!!   Because of unforseens, the Universal-Orbs Group has been shut down to further posting, though all the messages can still be read and Ed is maintaining the photo website.

Information will be on this site:
-    Universal-Orbs Group

September 10, 2005  The Universal-Orbs Group is closed for members by invitation only. Sorry. The group Orbs_Around_The_World, which had taken over the discussion after Universal-Orbs had closed, has been deleted as of yesterday. We find it curious that this happened almost to the day that the Orbs Research Group was started six years ago. All we can say is to just keep on photographing and possibly another group will appear that is compatible.

August 3, 2006   Ed Vos had opened a new discussion group called Universal-Orbs2 Group as an extension of the earlier groups. Here is the url to that site:  SEE UPDATE BELOW
-    Universal-Orbs2 Group 

UPDATE!!!  The Universal-Orbs2 Group at Yahoo was closed in early September, then reopened to posting in late October 2007. The discussion also continues at the Forum on this site. Join the group at the Forum too and remember to login if you want to post!
-   Universal Orbs Forum


-   Al Jacobs' Gadget Meister - explains how to make your own rechargeable battery packs to replace AA batteries for flash and some cameras. We are in the process of assembling one to use with the 283 Vivitar and will report on how it works for us. Al has other nifty things for photography on his site.

    Update: we use these with our Epson camera and with all the Vivitar flashes (all use 4 AA batteries) and they work great! Slightly on the heavy side, but you can put it in a pocket or put it in a small tape recorder case to attach to your belt. We got extra batteries for spares. No more worrying if you've got enough AA's to take you through a night time photo shoot! No more buying and throwing away AA batteries!

-   Schumacher Electric - where we bought the MC-1 battery charger for the battery packs
-   The Battery Terminal - where we bought the 6 Volt 4 amp batteries


-    White Wolf Gallery
-    Fred Stern  - The Rainbow Maker
-    Masaru Emoto's Messages In Water
-    Original Wingmakers Home Page
-     Wingmakers of the 21st Century - how to make energy balls, levitation, portals


-    Harvey Robinson's Years To Your Health - herbs and many other items, also an extensive listing of different subjects (including dowsing!) on his Links page.
-    Earthcam
-    1st Site Free
-    The Spirit Search Directory

Date created: May 25, 2000
John and Jan Young
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