KEA (Kee'ah)
        Saturday night, March 13, 2004 began a week long photo event
    ending the following Friday, March 19. I went out to photograph that
    evening, just to see who might be there and want to join me for family
    photos. While photographing an area of our garden these long tubular
    shaped life forms came in and stayed for photo after photo.
We have
    photographed them in the past but it has usually been one or two
    caught in a photo by accident, and this was so infrequent that months
    or years could go by between their appearance.

        At first it looked like moving Orbs, but after viewing all the photos
    we decided they were not. They moved around in the garden photo
    area, changing position from one consecutive photo to the next while
    maintaining that long tubular shape. Their movements ruled out spider
    web strands.

        It was a rather spectacular run of photos, with more going on than
    we can describe. It appeared that these tubular shaped forms were
    periodically beaming light energy from one end or both ends of their
    tube shape in on different places down by the deer feeder and off into
    the woods beyond. At one point one was beamed in on the deer feeder
    where a distortion had appeared. The distortion stayed for several
    photos and then gradually faded away. I zoomed in at that point to
    see if I could get a better look but the distortion was totally gone from
    around the deer feeder.

        When we dowsed these photos we got that the tubular forms were
    known as KEA (Kee'ah) and were very good at eliminating bad energies.
    It appears some sort of vortex was trying to open down by the deer
    feeder that would not have been great with whoever was coming in.
    The KEA prevented that from happening by beaming light energy from
    either or both ends of their tube as needed.

        We got so excited about these KEA showing up in this amount and
    staying in this same area shot after shot after shot. This has never
    happened to us before. I went out
two nights later and got one KEA
    with the Pink Orb, then the following night
the KEA appeared again
    displaying themselves in the same way. This appearance event by
    the KEA lasted within a seven night period and we learned many things
    from them.

        Below are some consecutive photos in individual sequences showing
    movement and activity. Click on the underlined photo number to go to
    the photos. All photos were taken with the Sony Cybershot F717.

        KEA 01 (11:36 PM) - The KEA on the upper left has elongated and
    a nice Orb has appeared in the bottom of the "beam" of light coming
    from the end of the KEA. A small white one is by the upper right of
    that Orb. A larger Orb (top center) has also shown up. The purple one
    has risen above the fence, the green one has moved further to the
    center, left of the small tree, and it looks like a small white one has
    appeared in the branches (upper right center). The short one is still
    above the fence above the deer feeder, and the one above the fence
    post is still staying in its same general position. The Pink Orb is in his
    pointing finger mode, pointing out to the KEA where they should be
    directing their energies.

        KEA 02 (11:36 PM) - The KEA (upper left has moved back a bit and
    shows less length but more body density. The small bright Orb is still
    here and a short green KEA showed up to the upper right of it. Now the
    purple KEA has moved noticeably up and the KEA above the fence post
    has shortened and moved to the right a bit. The Pink Orb, the KEA by it
    in the small tree, and the KEA above the deer feeder are all in the same
    general positions.

        KEA 03 (11:37 PM) - The upper left KEA has changed angle a bit.
    The small bright ORB has moved down diagonally to the right and the
    short green KEA has moved behind it. The purple KEA has moved
    noticeably up, and the fence post KEA is back in its spot. The green
    KEA in the small tree has moved down as has the KEA above the deer
    feeder. A nice shooter has shown up in the upper right in the tree
    branches. The Pink Orb is still steadfastly pointing into the woods,
    slightly closer to the tree trunk on its right.

        KEA 04 (11:37 PM) - The purple KEA has risen more. The small
    green KEA is gone, and the green KEA in the small tree by the Pink
    Orb is a bit lower. The KEA above the deer feeder has moved slightly
    and is more defined. The larger white KEA that was partially see at
    the left edge of the previous photos is back in full view. There appear
    to be Orbs or Orb motion segments at both ends of its energy "beam".
        These photos are not all in sequence, but were all taken within a
    one minute time span. Some of the ones in between had the larger
    KEA more whispy so were not used.

        KEA 01 (6:37 AM) - A large blue-green KEA is at the upper left, on
    the left side of the small tree with brown leaves. A small white KEA
    is at the bottom of the photo just to the right of the small tree trunk
    of the tree with brown leaves. The smaller white KEA is nearly half
    the length and half the width of the larger bue-green KEA.

        KEA 02 (6:37
AM) - The large blue-green KEA has dodged to the
    right of the small tree and the smaller white KEA has also gone to
    the right.

        KEA 03 (6:37 AM) - The larger blue-green KEA has gone back to
    the left side of the small tree, only now higher than it was in the first
    photo. The smaller white KEA has also moved back to the left and
    appears to be touching or very close to the
trunk of the small tree.

        KEA 04 (6:38 AM) -
The larger blue-green KEA has dropped down
    and moved closer to the trunk of the small tree. The smaller white
    KEA has moved farther to the right of the small tree.

       KEA 05 COLLAGE - All four of the Group 2 photos put in a collage so
    you could see them side by side for a comparison of the movements
    of the two KEA.
        KEA 01 (11:28 PM) - Two KEA light tubes, an Orb above, and the
    Pink Orb by the small tree in the foreground making a finger pointing
    into the woods. His "pointing finger" is partially obscured by the trunk
    of the small tree next to him. The top KEA is positioned in an East-West
    direction at a diagonal to the ground and the bottom KEA is positioned
    in a North-South direction parallel to the ground, pointed at the cardinal
    points. Both KEA are zeroed in to the location that the Pink Orb is
    pointing towards. Take note of the stream of light coming out both
    ends of the KEA, more visible in the larger KEA. Below the photo are
    cuts from the original sized photo of the lower KEA and the Pink Orb

        KEA 02 (11:28 PM) - Now there are four KEA and the Pink Orb. The
    Pink Orb is plainly visible now that he has moved to the right of the
    small tree trunk he was partially behind before. Directly to the right of
    the Pink Orb is the fourth KEA in the woods. Below the photo are cuts
    from the original sized photo of the green KEA in the center of the
    photo and the Pink Orb pointing.

        KEA COLLAGE  -  Here are cuts from the original sized photos so you
    can get a closer look at the KEA. The two at the top are the small white
    KEA that accompanied the larger blue-green KEA in Group 2.

Date created: March 13, 2004
John and Jan Young
Copyright 2004 through 2008