Hello, Everyone! We are requesting that anyone who was out shooting during the first week of February in 2002 and got heart-shaped Beings in their photographs to please contact us! This has been quite an exciting development! We'll need the date the photos were taken and what make and model number of the camera that took the photos. Also the location. Thanks!

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        We had awaited for this Event to manifest, not really knowing what would occur, or if it would occur at all. Snow here in Arkansas is rare. But we really wanted to see how the Sony Cybershot F505V would record the falling snow.

        Finally it happened! On February 5th, 2002 snowflakes started falling in the late afternoon. I took the camera out shortly before John got home, just in case it stopped snowing, and shot off about 20 photos. By the time John got home and was ready to go out it was dark. The snow had picked up, but it was still a very fine snow, not big and glumpy-like. He took the umbrella out with him so the equipment wouldn't get wet.

        When he brought the first stick in, I was racing through the photos to see what was displayed on our computer. There were some rather large white globular shaped things that were far too large to be snowflakes. Then I started to notice small white things in the shape of a heart! I thought that it might be two Orbs going up together. Then I got to this huge heart that also included a huge round in the photo. There was now no mistake. John was getting some kind of beings that were manifesting in the shape of a heart!

        John took one look at that photo and raced out into the snowy night, taking one photo after another. When one stick ran out of space, he would come in and get warmed up, then go out again. This had turned into a Major High Priority Event! The synchronicity of this snow being event so close to Valentine's Day was becoming too obvious.

        Later I took the Sony Mavica FD73 out to see what it would record. Even with its low resolution, it also got photos with those heart-shaped beings in it, although nothing so grand as the ones taken with the Cybershot.

        We weren't quite sure if it was Orbs changing into the shape of hearts until we looked at the photos again. Not Orbs, but possibly a Snow Being of sorts. We found photos where the globular-shaped Beings were turning into hearts.

        Then there was an Orb on some of the Mavica shots that was moving around like it was trying to show up like a heart, but not succeeding because the roundness of the bottom couldn't show up in that pointed tail of a heart!

        When we posted our best photo of the large Heart Being on our discussion group, another member in Texas (lives about 200 miles away from us) was also out shooting in the same snowstorm. He got heart-shaped Beings also! He was using a Kodak camera, totally different from what we were using! John's post to him is below:

    You shot some great Hearts. Way to go. Was this some kind of event?
    Your  photos and ours were shot in the same snow storm in two
    different locations (Texas & Arkansas). We shot in the snow 2 years
    ago and never got any Hearts. We can't recall ever seeing any Hearts
    in any photos. The closest, and maybe it is (we don't know) is message
    #668 in the archives.
    That's the only one we can recall.

    Did you get the feeling that some of the incomplete Hearts were in the
    process of developing into a heart shape? We did. Do your photos
    indicate that type of pattern? Also, three different cameras were used
    between you and us. So it's not just one camera seeing and recording
    them (in a certain way) specific to that camera. It'll be interesting to
    see if anyone else shoots in the snow and what they get. If we have
    another snow storm will the Heart shapes return, or will they be in a
    different shape? The plot thickens.

    Have a great night,

UPDATE!!!   December 9, 2003
    We got the shape shifting Beings again in early 2003. People from around
    the planet have been emailing us their photos where they have gotten the
    Beings in the shape of a heart, with all different kinds of cameras!
                                                They are everywhere!

    Some photos of heart-shaped Beings were taken when it wasn't snowing,
    but the vast majority were taken when it was snowing. A woman in Germany
    was talking about them with a friend. When they stepped outside she snapped
    a photo and got a Heart in the sky! A Heart appeared next to a new-born horse!
    A tiny Heart was photographed next to the mitten of a small child.
    There were even some Orbs that managed to display a heart shape!

    Some people in the Netherlands put up a protective umbrella shield around
    the section of woods they were in and a different Being came in to their
    photos - also in the shape of a Heart!

    The heart-shaped Beings have not gone away. A flurry of Hearts have shown
    up in the early 2003 snowfalls! All over the Earth!

                                                How truly awesome!!!




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{PHOTO 01}   A mixture of Snow Beings and pale blue Orbs. The blowup on the bottom left shows two Beings. The heart-shaped Being on top is in front of the small tree, with its tail behind the lower Being. That Being is partly behind the small tree. The blowup on the bottom right shows an oblong Orb behind a tree branch, proving it is not only very large, but not close to the camera lens at all.

{PHOTO 02}   There are more smaller heart-shaped Beings and Orbs in this photo, but we decided to blowup this group that had a blue Orb nearby for comparison.

{PHOTO 03}   This astounding photo shows a Being almost, but not quite finished, changing into the shape of a heart. Blowup bottom left.

{PHOTO 04}   Here is another heart-shaped Being. Notice the fluffy cloud-like appearance around its sides in the bottom right blowup. It is surrounded by the small blue Orbs we call the Berry Boys. (The Berry Boys are small and blue, like berries.)

{PHOTO 05}   Many large Snow Beings are in the sky in their globular shape. The blowup on the bottom left shows a heart-shaped Being. The location of it in the photo is right above the blowup, on the left side of the larger tree.

{PHOTO 06}   A very large globular-shaped Being! There were several smaller Beings in heart shapes - two are in blowups on the bottom left. On the bottom right is a blowup of several Orbs that were behind branches.

{PHOTO 07}   We couldn't tell if the bright round guy at the top of the photo was an Orb or a Snow Being. But directly to the left of it is the part we put in a blowup at the bottom right. It was one of the very few photos we got that a heart-shaped Being was behind an object. No snowflake here, it is way up in the tree behind a large branch and you can see a mound of actual snowflakes that have piled up on the branch itself. There are several Orbs moving to the left and up. Curious that the pointed tail of the heart appears to be coming out of the middle of the bottom of the branch!

{PHOTO 08}   Two more heart-shaped Beings. Blowup on right.

{PHOTO 09}   This heart-shaped Being is moving upwards. Blowup bottom right. Its position in the photo is directly left of the blowup, near the left edge.

{PHOTO 10}   Another great heart-shaped Being, near the center of the right edge of the photo. Blowup on bottom left.

{PHOTO 11}   A Being is just starting to form the two upper rounded parts of a heart. Several blue Orbs are in the blowup on the bottom left. This heart-shaped Being is above the creek.

{PHOTO 12}   This large orange colored Orb mysteriously showed up at dawn of the next day (February 6, 2002), along with many different sizes of blue Orbs.

{PHOTO 13}   Large round Orb behind a branch. The Orb is nearly the size of the hubcap on the Geo Tracker. Blowup bottom left.

{PHOTO 14}   Now here is a large oblong Orb behind the upper branches of a small tree. Blowup bottom right.

{PHOTO 15}   At the top center of the photo we spotted this wild configuration made by three or more Orbs - a snowman! Blowup bottom left.

Date created: February 14, 2002
John and Jan Young
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