In late 2002 we got our first picture of a Cloak, but we did not know it. In 2003 John photographed a different looking Cloak flying overhead in the night sky. At the time we thought it was a new guy in the neighborhood and it was good to see he came in to get his picture taken.
{Photo 01}   Cloak flying overhead.
{Photo 02}   Closeup view of Cloak.

We chose the name Cloaks for these dimensional lifeforms because they gave the appearance of a person wearing a long cloak or robe with a hood. Most of the time they could be seen as a rounded hill sloping on both sides. Sometimes more of them could be seen where it looked like they were scalloped around the bottom. It was rare, but some would show up with  a straight line effect on top.

There were times after that when more Cloaks would pop in, but it took years to make a connection between the Cloaks and screaming Orbs with chunks missing from their edges, holes inside and splits down the middle that appeared in the same shoots. The reason it took so long was the Orbs would display themselves with holes inside or chunks missing from their edges before the Cloaks became visible. Not all the Orbs would display those chunks and holes, only those closest to the Cloaks' point of entry would do so. Later we wondered if those Orbs could feel the vibrations of the Cloaks as they were getting closer.
{Photo 03}   Collage of screaming Orbs. As you can see by the orange Orb, not all Orbs appear to be affected or scared by Cloaks.

When the Cloaks finally did pop through the dimensons, many times there would be a number of them stacked one right after the other. Sometimes they could barely be seen unless the photograph was equalized. The longer the photo shoot would go on, the brighter the Cloaks got. But the Orbs in close proximity to the Cloaks looked worse, with splits and a shredded appearance.

Here are some photos of Cloaks. Since some can barely be seen, we duplicated the photo cut and added an equalized version so you could see the different shapes.
{Photo 04}   Cloak attacking screaming shooter Orb.
{Photo 05}   Another Cloak attacking screaming shooter Orb.
{Photo 06}   This Orb has split in two, with two Cloaks stacked one behind the other.
{Photo 07}   Two photos taken in sequence, these Cloaks are very close. The white line is a telephone wire extending between the cabin and the shed. In the photo on the left it appears like that might be a smaller Cloak with a bright shooter just to the right of it.
{Photo 08}   Here is a Cloak in full flight, with scalloped edges around the sides and bottom. It suddenly appeared while John was taking pictures of the moon. The bright spot that looks like it is inside the Cloak is really the moon behind some branches where John zoomed in.
{Photo 09}   A very bright Cloak flying in on a large shooter above the tree tops. The shooter is splitting down the front.

In several photo shoots a distortion would appear in the vegetation. We dowsed this distortion was caused by the Cloaks making a vortex, or doorway, in that area. We do not know if they did the same thing in the sky because it was usually dark out when we photographed and nothing was behind the dark sky to be visibly seen as a distortion. When the Cloaks were in the sky we only saw that they were not there in one picture, then all of a sudden they would show up in the next.
{Photo 10}   Here are three pictures of the distortion taken one night by John. You can see that the vegetaion on the right and left sides of the distortion are in focus.
{Photo 11}   This picture was taken right after the first. Two split shooters are in close proximity to the distortion.
{Photo 12}    This was taken three shots later. Now two distortions can be seen.

Then one night on December 28th, 2003 John got the photos that showed what was really going on and we were stunned. I had blown up one of his pictures and was having a hard time figuring out what I was looking at since I had never seen anything like it before. Finally I realized there was something halfway around a shooting Orb. It quite looked like an arm of sorts had reached out and grabbed the Orb around the middle. There is a darkened area on the shooting Orb right where the end of the thing around the Orb is touching the Orb. Looks almost like a vacuum cleaner sucking the light energy out of this Orb.
{Photo 13}  
The rest of this story is shown on the Orb Warnings page in the Photo Gallery with more pictures and details. Scroll down to #5:   Orb Warnings

After runnning through those photos several times we could see an Orb had been grabbed and the light of the Orb was being drained out of it. No wonder the Orbs showed up with a chunk missing from their edges - very much like taking bites out of cookies! They were trying to show us that they were going to be eaten by the Cloaks.

At the time, we dowsed that the Orbs were not killed by the Cloaks, but fell wherever they had the light sucked out of them and had to wait to regenerate energy to get up and go on.
This involved gathering energy from the immediate environment and could take a long time if the environment was lacking in energy. But we have not seen anything like a deflated Orb laying on the ground after Cloak attacks that would confirm this. So we will have to wait to see what is revealed later to find out what really happened to those Orbs that got the light energy sucked out of them. We have seen Cloaks come close to the shape shifters and the Nature Beings and neither were affected by the Cloaks. We do not think this happens to all Orbs, possibly to only a few types, but cannot at this time tell which ones in particular are prized by the Cloaks, or why.

John had observed that many Orbs will appear during rain storms, and it was like the Orbs followed the storms to get energized. Almost all the Cloak pictures we got were taken during a rain storm, when the energy in the Orbs would be very high.
And the Orbs would stop in to get their picture taken!
The perfect hunting grounds for hungry Cloaks.

The following is part of a story told in one early morning shoot around 6 am that John got with his Nikon D70S on July 28th, 2006. It's when we got an even better look at these particular Cloaks.

Here is the full picture resized to a smaller version so you can see where this new Cloak activity is going on. We put in a white arrow pointing towards an area above the taller tree on the right. (For those of you concerned about reflections, there is nothing physically up there above that tree but black sky!) On the left side of the photo there are Orbs and shooters that appear unconcerned about what is going on in the right side of the photo.
{Photo 14}   Full photo of new Cloak activities.

Now lets zoom in to see what is going on. Quite a disruption!
There are some things we can't quite make out, with others it took a while looking at them to sort out what we thought was going on. The major thing was the location and appearance of what looks similar to an elephant's trunk protruding from the head area of the Cloaks. We had not noticed this before, but it might be something that grows out of the Cloak on demand.
   A - The trunk is short and narrow on this Cloak.
   B - Two Cloaks overlapping side by side, the trunks are much longer and thicker.
   C - Two Cloaks, one above the other, now the trunks are not only long but more thicker than the ones near A and B.
   D - From pictures that we saw before, this looks like it is the end of the trunk, expanded to a large opening, with the remains of Orbs inside. Two slightly different views above and below the letter D.
{Photo 15}   New view of Cloaks.

Here are two closeup views of the Cloaks in the last picture. We put in side by side views of these closeups at different lighting, though you still might want to lighten your monitor to        see them better.
{Photo 16}   Cloak trunks getting longer.
{Photo 17}   Open mouth Cloak trunks. (Actually, the one on top looks like it has a large human looking nose in profile coming out of it!)

Now John has turned to his left and is shooting towards the shed and our parked cars. From the position where he is standing, the two bicycles hanging on the outer shed wall are about 85 to 90 feet away. We put in a white arrow to show where a Cloak has come down next to the bicycles. A green Nature Being is in the upper right corner. Normally roundish in shape, this one is shape shifting to give the sloped hill appearance of Cloaks. Evidently the Nature Being is better at doing this than what is known - a screaming Orb is above the Nature Being.
{Photo 18}   First appearance of Cloak next to bicycles on shed with green Nature Being shape shifting.

This is a side by side view of a cut of the last photo in its original form and the same cut equalized to show what is going on back there. The white arrow is pointing towards the Cloak. Just to the right of the Cloak is a large round guy who could be an Orb or a Being of some sort. We would tend to think it might be a Being since it is not screaming like an Orb would be doing that close to a Cloak, but at this time will have to put it in the unknown category. The Cloak itself appears to have been attracted to the reflectors on the bicycle that are glowing brightly in the light from the external Vivitar 285 flash on John's camera.
{Photo 19}   Closeup view of Cloak next to bicycles.

This photo was taken immediately after the first. The green Nature Being in the upper right corner is still giving the shape shifting appearance of Cloaks. The Cloak that was between 85 and 90 feet away in the first photo is now about 40 feet away from where John is standing and appears to be studying him or his camera flash quite intently! (Possibly wondering how good that light would taste? Hopefully the flash and not John!)
{Photo 20}   Cloak looking at John.

This is a blowup of that Cloak looking at John.
{Photo 21}   Blowup of Cloak looking at John.

In the next two photos John raised his camera to shoot more of the sky, but we could see the Cloak remained standing in the same place watching John. Now you can see only the top of the Cloak's head. In Photo 22 a reddish yellow Nature Being appeared on a branch above the Cloak, mimicking a Cloak's hill shape. In the next picture the Nature Being was gone. 
{Photo 22}   Cloak still watching John, though only the top of its head can be seen. A Nature Being has raced in to shape shift into the hill shape of Cloaks on the branch above the Cloak.
{Photo 23}   Top of Cloak is still there, Nature Being is gone.

We really love those Nature Beings! Here is a collage made out of cuts from four photos taken in sequence. In the first and second photo cut the red and the green Nature Beings are by the roof - the green one above the tin roof of the porch and the red one below the tin roof. In the second photo a Cloak appears near the ground, possibly attracted by the drops from the gutter being illuminated by the flash. In the third and fourth photos both Nature Beings have pushed outwards, as if to look down and exclaim "Who's that?!!!". The Cloak on the ground is only in the second and third photos, then it is gone. Following the collage is a closeup view of the Cloak on the ground in the second and third photo cuts.
{Photo 24}   Four photo cut collage of two Nature Beings and their reactions to a Cloak's sudden appearance near the ground below them.
{Photo 25}   Close up view of the two pictures the Cloak appeared in.

We did not know the Red Guy was also of the Cloak type species until we got this picture of him as he was coming in for a landing. We dowsed Red Guys do not eat Orb energy, but much more prefer to be collectors of fine vibrations!
{Photo 26}   Red Guy in full flight!
For more information and photos about the Red Guys go to the Red Guys page:   Red Guys

Our general conclusion about Cloaks at this time is that they appear to be natural Orb predators. They attack Orbs and suck out their energy. The one redeeming factor about this is that once they get their fill of Orb energy they leave. Why they attack some Orbs and not others we don't know. There have been times John has intuitively stopped photographing just as a Cloak attack begins, even though he has not seen the Cloak in his LCD screen. We hope this has helped because it seems that when Orbs slow down to have their picture taken they are more vulnerable to Cloak attacks.

The Cloaks' actions for the most part regarding Orbs have been consistent whenever they show up. Two areas we will pay closer attention to are the energy vortex doorways and whether the Cloak was stalking John or attracted by the camera flash mentioned above starting at Photo 20.

If we find out the Cloak was stalking John we will let you know.
Meanwhile, watch your back!  ;-D

IMPORTANT UPDATE!!!   November 22, 2006
 It appears we may have stumbled across a breakthrough in the Cloak and Orb dilemma.
John had not photographed for some time and went out on a windy and stormy night on November 15th. It was rather sickening to see the huge amount of Orbs that were showing signs of fear and stress in almost all of his photos. There were some visible Cloaks, but only in a few photos. There were still Orbs and shooters in the photos that did not appear to be affected by the Cloaks being there - they looked normal. I kept asking myself what was I looking at that I was not seeing? Why were there so many photos showing shattered Orbs that did not have Cloaks in the pictures? What was the difference between the Orbs that appeared to be screaming and the Orbs in the same photos that looked normal? I personally could not think that some Orbs, like the old soul Orbs or those of the departed Orbs and some other Orbs, could possibly be a target for the Cloaks' eating habits.

There was a good reason to now take a second look at Cloaks and Orbs. Near the beginning of the shoot, John got a Red Guy, which it appears to us to be a younger brother of the original Red Guy, who showed up with a white Cloak next to him. Unlike the pictures of Cloaks, and more like the pictures of Red Guys, this white Cloak stayed with the Red Guy in the 19 pictures John took of them. The Cloaks mostly would do the "here in one, gone in the next" type of thing. Seeing as to how the white Cloak and the Red Guy were similar in size I dowsed that the white Cloak was the Red Guy's friend, and possibly a girlfriend. What might confirm this is that a large Cloak with a slightly smaller Cloak appeared inside and above John's wagon. Mom and Dad in the background? They also stayed in the pictures in John's wagon as long as the white girl Cloak was there, only in most photos appeared to be only part way through the dimensions making them look like mist, except for this one picture where they materialized enough so we could see who they were. Click here to take you to the Red Guys page and scroll down to find these photos:  
Red Guys

Family values? Friends of a Red Guy who collected fine vibrations? It appeared that Mom and Dad did not want their daughter to go out on a trip without some supervision, even though it might not be because she was going out with a guy, but maybe because she was going to a new place, for her, that could hold unknown dangers until she was old enough to know better. This was not a far fetched idea, because along with baby Orbs we had started seeing baby Cloaks.

Because this series of photos put Cloaks in a different light, I got my pendulum out to maybe find out what was really going on. It took several days to compile the information so I will not go into the questions asked and the answers received, but will summarize what was gotten.

Some (really remember that I am talking about "some" Orbs, since there are so many different types) Orbs are people in another dimension viewing life on other planets. We had gotten that before, but not the particular kind that we will be describing. These people use a sort of mechanical system, very close to what we would know as a virtual reality machine, that allows the person hooked up to it to see, hear, feel, and have a better experience of what is going on in the area they direct the machine to take them to. Their appearance here is what looks like an Orb to our cameras. Really I cannot tell the difference. In reality they are still hooked up to the machine back on their own planet, they are not really here like other Orbs, Shifters, Nature Beings, Red Guys, (most) Cloaks, etc. Only this beam of light or energy ball in the shape of an Orb that is here is actually manufactured by the machine. They can change the appearance of the mechanically projected ball of light by their own thoughts and feelings.

Branch waving at me from outside. Wee person had something to say:
Cloaks are fun.
Fun kind of guys?
Know even Cloaks AF.
I guess that is how they can tell the difference between an AF and other lifeforms and Orbs.

The Cloaks know about this because they also use the same type of system, or similar, for those that are unable to make the journey. The difference is that the Cloaks do show up in person when they can, whereas the people from that other dimension never show up in person. It appears that the Claoks find this a bit whimpy, because they made a game out of who could get the most of these types of mechanically manufactured energy balls by draining the energy out of them.
My pendulum called these empty types of orbs manufactured by a machine "AF" - Alternate Faces.
It also drew out a triangle shape that was curved on the bottom for what Cloaks looked like when they used a similar device - sort of like half a Cloak.
{Photo 1 - Cloak AF}

I made a list of all known Orbs and Others to see if the Cloaks were only going after these empty energy balls. I got that they were as far as what my list was. But there were others that were affected by the fear generated by the persons that had that mechanical energy ball hooked up to them when Cloaks came in to attack and eat the energy from the manufactured energy ball. It appears that perhaps a two-way energy transfer was taking place. Not only were the people hooked up to the machine feeling the effect of a Cloak eating their manufactured energy ball as if it were themselves, they were also transferring the terror they experienced out to all  that were close to the remains of the energy ball.

Old soul Orbs (A woman posted many of her photos to us taken at the Ramtha camp in Washington. Most of the Orbs were large with ornate markings inside of them. The impression I got when looking at them were that they were very old souls.)
Guide Orbs
Companion Orbs
Those of the Departed Orbs
Ecto Guys (The ones that show up here are usually, but not always, persons who got stuck here when their body died and most are accompanied by an Orb that is trying to help them go on.)
Floating Heads (These could be astral travelers or remote viewers, but I have seen one case where the face was the same as a person who had died in an explosion.)
Colored Mists (These appear to me to be more like very large Beings of various assortments.)
Living Orb Species
SOFV Orbs (Note: SOFV and Monitor Orbs have the consciousness of a person injected into a bioplasma mechanical type Orb body. Many SOFV Orbs were used by single viewers, whereas the much larger Monitor Orbs were used by large groups of persons to view through.)
Monitor Orbs ( the first photos we saw of these were taken and described by Jack Shulman at a Global Science Conference.)
Viewers using living Orbs
Viewers using mechanical orbs (Thus includes the AF - Alternate Faces group.)
Other unknown Orbs
Diamonds, Clamshells
Other unknown Others
Shape Shifter Beings
Nature Beings
Rain shooters (some consider these to be merely raindrops, but I have seen enough to know they are a conscious intelligent lifeform in some way associated with the rain - and I have seen rain and rain looks like rain. These rain shooters fling themselves upwards in the rain for the sheer joy of it, sometimes two or more will shoot up together and sometimes they turn colors. They do not appear in all rain storms and may also be in one photo and gone in the next. It appears that their joy is contagious because Orbs will also shoot upwards with  them and around them.)
Fairy Energy (Just recently we have been photographing what I dowsed were fairy energy. They look more like a small ball of light or a small Being. So far we have not seen any that have wings or look like those portrayed in pictures.)
KEA (These particular Light Tubes fight bad energies by projecting a white energy beam out of both ends)
Light Tubes
Astral travelers (It might possibly be that some astral travelers and remote viewers may look more like a floating head rather than an Orb.)
Remote viewers (not using mechanical devices)
Web Guys (Could easily be mistaken for Cloaks, but they have more of what looks like the outside scalloped rim of a spider web rather than the hill shape of a Cloak with scallops on the bottom.)
Red Guys (Red Guys are related to Cloaks, they also have the scalloped bottom)

I did not include on the list some that have recently turned up in one photo - they may never return and we do not know anything about them. I guess they could be put in the category of Other Unknown Others.

The only ones I got that the Cloaks were "attacking" were the folks using the mechanical Orbs that did not come in person - the AF Alternate Faces.

I did call for an Orb viewer. My pendulum followed him as he came in close to the window.
I asked him if Cloaks ever attacked Orbs like his and he said No.
Was your Orb ever afraid of Cloaks?  No.
I thanked him and my pendulum followed him as he went back the way he came.

Here is a collage of two photos of Cloaks that came in that night and two collages of the brightest Orbs showing severe stress.
{Photo 2 - Cloaks}
{Photo 3 - Fear Orbs}
{Photo 4 - Fear Orbs}

These two collages are of the normal looking Orbs and shooters. In the second collage there is a crop of Orbs with small holes in them in the top left corner.
{Photo 5 - Good Orbs}
{Photo 6 - Good Orbs}

Here is a close up view of these Orbs with holes in Photo 7. The crop was taken from the upper right corner of the original photo - much like this group of Orbs were surveying all the damaged looking Orbs below. The tan colored Orb appears to have an emitting energy hole, as does the white Orb to the left and the blue Orb to the right. The blue Orb also has a larger dark hole near the bottom of it, indicating a danger is present. The difference between a warning hole and an emitting energy hole is that a warning hole has a dark center and an emitting energy hole has a spot of the same color as the Orb inside of the hole. These Orbs may have been trying to diffuse the chaos generated by the fear in the AF Alternate Faces. Fear is never good. I have gotten countless times that "Fear is the greatest enemy". Fear of this magnitude could attract undesirable entities.
{Photo 7 - Orbs Emitting Energy}

I did dowse that the rain shooters, SOFV Orbs and Monitor Orbs were affected by the fear of the AF Alternate Faces. Had not seen a SOFV for a few years and no Monitor Orb had come here that I knew of. As for the rain shooters, Orbs liked very much shooting up with them. No doubt the AF Alternate Faces were able to project the shape, color and movement of the artificially created balls and also would shoot up with the rain shooters. I cannot tell the difference at this time.

When I went back through the photos the fourth time to get the Orbs in the good Orbs collages I realized how few there really were - I really had to scrape to get what I got in those two collages. There must have been thousands of bad looking Orbs in those photos from just that one night. I felt something must be wrong with the info I got, or I did not ask the right questions.

We talked about it for awhile. We had seen that Orbs liked to ride the storms, we presumed to gather energy. If one were to use a virtual reality type of machine, it would be very exciting to ride a storm. The Cloaks usually only showed up when it rained. This has been going on for at least three years here. One would think that if the fear was so great in these AF orbs that they would stop coming here, especially when it rained. Could it be that these AF people considered it also a sort of game? To see if they could stand up to having their energy ball drained by a Cloak? Or to possibly out maneuver the Cloaks?

I did not feel like all those other Orbs showing stress were all AF guys. Someone unknown poppped in to say the following:
Fear of AF affects many Orbs.
These many Orbs, would some of them fall under the category of Unknown Orbs?
What was the percentage of AF in John's last shoot?
Between 25 and 30 percent.

I would not say the good Orbs were 5%, looked like much less than that. Let's say the AF were 30%.
That would leave an approximate 65% mix of rain shooters and unknown Orbs.

All that can be done is to just keep on shooting!

A GRAND UPDATE!!!   January 13, 2007 
Younger Red Guy and White Cloak Lady proudly showed off their son. See details and pictures on the Red Guys Page:
Red Guys

Date created: September 22, 2006
John and Jan Young
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