NOVEMBER 28, 2001
            One night John came back with some startling photos that he had shot down by the creek.
        There were colored globular balls of light in many of them. Strangely the colors of these balls
        of light were the same as whatever vegetation or object they were close to - like a chameleon
        effect. It almost appeared like these globules were coming out of the vegetation itself. They
        are not Orbs. They do not have the defined edges like Orbs have. They have more of a misty
        quality about them.

            Later we dowsed that they were devas of the surrounding plant life in that area. Since we
        had photographed down there in that area around the creek a number of times and had never
        gotten them before, we asked if they had always been there and got Yes. Was there a reason
        why they chose to show themselves now after all this time? Yes. This is what was spelled
        out on the Alphabet chart:

"They wanted their picture taken and they knew you would not peek at them and laugh."

            All we could think of is that they had watched us stumbling around in the dark taking photos
        of Orbs and ecto and whoever else decided to show up for several years and decided it was
        their turn.

            Some of the Beings were faint, so you might want to lighten your monitor if needed. We
        lightened the photos, but didn't want to lighten them too much because we were afraid of
        losing the delicate coloring some of them have. In some of the photos there are more
        Beings lurking around than we mentioned, but they are faint and you might not see them.

            Here are some beautiful photos of these Beings. In many instances they are behind
        branches and tree trunks, proving that they also were not close to the camera lens at all.
        Taken with the Sony Cybershot F505V.

    { PHOTO - BEINGS BY THE CREEK - 1 }   A beige-colored Being behind the plants
                on the left and a smaller orange-colored Being near the right edge.
    { PHOTO - BEINGS BY THE CREEK - 2 }   An orange-colored Being on the left side
                behind the branches, with another fainter Being above it. The beige-colored Beings
                near the bottom appear to be coming out of the plants in front, or perhaps they are
                just clinging to those branches.
    { PHOTO - BEINGS BY THE CREEK - 3 }   One gray-colored Being on the left edge in
                front the tree. Several small blue Diamonds decided to appear.
    { PHOTO - BEINGS BY THE CREEK - 4 }   Multi-colored Beings with a blue Orb on the
                left half to compare with.
    { PHOTO - BEINGS BY THE CREEK - 5 }   Another shot of multi-colored Beings. The
                pink one in the upper left corner is behind the branches. To be honest, we can't tell
                if the light blue one is an Orb or a Being, but it also is behind the branches.
    { PHOTO - BEINGS BY THE CREEK - 6 }   This golden orange-colored Being is mostly
                behind the branches on the left. A smaller beige-colored Being is behind the plant in
                the lower right corner.

        DECEMBER 2001
            John had gone to sleep and I felt like going out to take some photos. I had hurt my foot and
        couldn't make it down to the creek where the Beings lived.  So I set myself up on a small stool
        right outside the cabin, facing the direction of the creek. I told the Beings that I would love to
        take their photo, but I couldn't make it down there at this time. Maybe they could come up to
        where I was? I began shooting, getting a few small Orbs here and there. Then suddenly a pink
        colored Being showed up about fifteen feet away from where I was sitting! When I looked at
        the photos on the computer  the photo just before that one showed the Being on his way up
        from the creek - he was halfway there.  That's when we found out they were extremely mobile,
        and not just stuck down by the creek. Here are the two photos of the Being on his way up and
        the Being fifteen feet away from me, taken in sequence.
        Taken with the Sony Mavica FD73.

    { PHOTO - BEING COMING UP - 1 }   The pink-colored Being is on his way up. The
                Being is in the lower center of the photo.
    { PHOTO - BEING IN FRONT OF ME - 2 }   Surprise!

        FEBRUARY 19, 2002
            I was out taking some shots while sitting on the porch. This gray Being must have come up
        to see what I was doing, because there he was peeking at me from around the plastic draped
        over the new addition to our cabin!
        Taken with the Sony Cybershot F505V.

    { PHOTO - BEING PEEKING }   Side by side view of crops from two before and
                after photos. Many Orbs in the background (notice how there isn't much in front
                of the blue barrel closest to the lens). The white on the right side is the plastic
                sheeting covering a partly built room on our cabin. In the left photo the Being is
                not there. In the right photo the gray-colored Being is peeking out from behind
                the plastic sheeting near the top.

            In the same shoot I also got this stunning photo of a blue Orb, a white Orb and the gray
        Being shooting upwards together. We have gotten several smaller versions of Orbs doing
        this. At times they would be quite colorful.
        Taken with the Sony Cybershot F505V.

    { PHOTO - BEING AND TWO ORBS MOVING UPWARDS }   After you see a lot
                of the Beings you can see that there are differences between them and Orbs.
                In this photo the white and blue are Orbs, and the gray is the Being. There are
                some smaller Orbs moving upwards, along with a crew of Orbs looking on in
                the upper center. Blowup of the three in upper right corner.

        MARCH 8, 2002
            One night we were out shooting in front of the cabin and not getting any activity what so
        ever. John began dancing around the yard so I started taking photos of him. He ended up
        with a Being coming up to dance with him!
        Taken with the Epson 3100Z.

    { PHOTO - BEING NOT THERE, JOHN DANCING - 1 }   Here is John dancing,
                no Being here.
    { PHOTO - BEING DANCING WITH JOHN - 2 }   Suddenly the gray-colored Being
                showed up!
    { PHOTO - BEING DANCING WITH JOHN - 3 }   In both the second photo and in
                this photo it looks like the Being is giving John one great big hug!

        MARCH 11, 2002
            John got these great before and after photos of a gray Being near the top of a fence pole.
        Taken with the Sony Cybershot F505V.

    { PHOTO - BEING BY POLE - 1 }   Gray-colored Being near top of a garden fence
                pole. Orbs moving upwards in the background.
    { PHOTO - BEING BY POLE GONE - 2 }   The Being is gone, but more Orbs have

        MARCH 19, 2002
            Here are a series of photos taken down by the creek where a golden brown Being appeared
        and moved around by the dead pine tree.
        Taken with the Sony Cybershot F505V.

    { PHOTO - BEING BY DEAD PINE TREE, NOT THERE - 1 }   No Being present
                yet, but a couple of large Orbs with circular chunks taken out of their insides.
                In the upper left edge there is an Orb with one chunk out and in the lower right
                edge is an Orb with two chunks taken out. We don't know what the cause is
                of these chunks and notches that are now appearing in Orbs.
    { PHOTO - BEING BY DEAD PINE TREE - 2 }   Two large blue Orbs with the
                appearance of a brownish beige-colored Being. Also another Being above it.
    { PHOTO - BEING BY DEAD PINE TREE - 3 }   The Being is coming in brighter.
                There is another fainter Being above it on the right side of the tree.
    { PHOTO - BEING BY DEAD PINE TREE - 4 }   Now the Being has shifted more
                towards the center of the tree.
    { PHOTO - BEING BY DEAD PINE TREE - 5 }   The Being stayed in the same place.
                To the left of the Being is another large Orb with a circular chunk gone.

        MARCH 25, 2002
            A week had gone by and we hadn't seen the Beings. We were getting ready to go out for
        a photo shoot around the cabin and I had picked up my pendulum to see if there was any
        activity outside. I got that there were Orbs in several locations, then all of a sudden my
        pendulum started circling wildly. Incoming Message. From where? The pendulum went
        down to the creek on a small sketch I had made of our property, right to the area we had
        first photographed the Beings. I grabbed the Alphabet chart and got:

                                                        "We want our photo taken too."

            Needless to say we wasted no time gathering our equipment and raced outside. It was
        raining so John headed for the creek under his umbrella and I got in my car and rolled down
        the window. Fortunately I was parked so shooting out my driver's side window put me in
        the position of facing the creek.

            When we viewed the photos later we were amazed. John got some down by the creek,
        but on the way back up he caught several Beings on the roof of our cabin! I had been
        shooting over John's 4-wheeler that was covered by a blue tarp. This Being was peeking
        over the tarp, so true to what we've seen so far that these Beings take on the color of
        whatever they are close to, he was blue also. The flash whited out the front of the tarp, but
        you can see the blue at the top edge. Also there was another blue tarp covering a pile of
        wood behind the tree in the center. The Being stayed pretty much in the same place in
        several photos, but it was interesting to watch the Orbs change!
        All taken with the Epson 3100Z.

    { PHOTO - BLUE BEING BEHIND BLUE TARP - 1 )   A blue-colored Being is
                peeking over the tarp in front, to the left of another blue tarp behind the tree.
                A line of Orbs are moving upwards above the Being.
    { PHOTO - BLUE BEING BEHIND BLUE TARP - 2 )   The Being appears to
                have ducked down out of the line of sight. There is a pair of Orbs moving
                upwards together on the right side that look like both have notches on their
                bottom edge.
    { PHOTO - BLUE BEING BEHIND BLUE TARP - 3 )   The blue-colored Being
                has popped up again, this time more of him is displayed. The notched Orbs
                on the right have stopped moving.
    { PHOTO - BLUE BEING BEHIND BLUE TARP - 4 )   The Being is still in the
                same place. Now an orangish-yellow Orb has shown up on the right side.
    { PHOTO - BLUE BEING BEHIND BLUE TARP - 5 )   The Being is still in the
                same place, and a large white Orb is blazing upwards on the right.
    { PHOTO - BLUE BEING BEHIND BLUE TARP - 6 )   Still in the same place,
                only now a smaller Orb is moving upwards on the right.
    { PHOTO - BLUE BEING BEHIND BLUE TARP - 7 )   Still in the same place,
                there are several Orbs with different shades of blue above the Being.
    { PHOTO - BLUE BEING BEHIND BLUE TARP - 8 )   Suddenly the Being moved
                over to the left side of the tarp-covered 4-wheeler.
    { PHOTO - BLUE BEING BEHIND BLUE TARP - 9 )   In this picture the Being is
                gone from the side of the tarp.

            In photo #1 of the first set, we could see what looked like a big 'X' on top of the roof in several
        photos. It wasn't until we saw photo #2 that we realized it was four Beings close together. The 'X'
        was caused by their edges overlapping, making it brighter in those areas.
        All taken with the Sony Cybershot F505V.

    { PHOTO - FOUR BEINGS ON ROOF - 1 }   The overlapping edges of the four
                Beings can clearly be seen on top of the roof.
    { PHOTO - FOUR BEINGS ON ROOF - 2 }   Here the four Beings have moved
                slightly apart from each other and it is easier to see all four.

    { PHOTO - BEINGS JUMPING ON ROOF - 1 }   In this first photo the Beings are
                on top of the roof.
    { PHOTO - BEINGS JUMPING ON ROOF - 2 }   In this second photo, John raised
                his camera up higher and it looks like one of the Beings jumped up to stay in
                the picture!

    { PHOTO - BEING AT CENTER OF ROOF - 1 }   This Being moved all over the
                center of the roof. He was faint, so these were the three best photos. Here the
                Being is behind and on the right side of the tree.
    { PHOTO - BEING AT CENTER OF ROOF - 2 }   The Being moved to the left side
                of the tree.
    { PHOTO - BEING AT CENTER OF ROOF - 3 }   The Being moved a little bit further
                past the left side of the tree.

    { PHOTO - GREEN BEING NEAR ROOF - 1 }   A green-colored Being taking on
                the colors of the nearby privet leaves. A fainter white Being is near the top of
                the roof.
    { PHOTO - GREEN BEING NEAR ROOF - 2 }   The green-colored Being is fading

            These last three photos were taken on March 19, 2002, but we wanted to show them at the
        end. We don't know why they liked the roof so much. There were flash flood warnings out
        across the state for that night, and the creek down from our cabin was roaring! But we don't
        think flooding was in their minds when they got up there.
        Taken with the Sony Cybershot F505V.

    { PHOTO - BEINGS ON TOP OF ROOF - 1 }   Two very large Beings peeking from
                the top of the roof - one is pink-colored and the other is white.
    { PHOTO - BEINGS ON TOP OF ROOF - 2 }   Both Beings seem to have faded down
                to a smaller size. There is another notched Orb above them.
    { PHOTO - BEINGS ON TOP OF ROOF - 3 }   Here is a gang of at least four Beings
                peeking over the edge of the roof!

                           So! When you are out there photographing, remember to look up!

        Here is a collection of Nature Beings taken on different nights in the fall of 2004. They really
    did not show up much during the summer months, but were quite raring to go to have their
    picture taken when the leaves began to fall!

   { PHOTO - WHITE  BEING - 1 }   October 14, 2004   One very large white Being is over the
                barrels of water we store on the deck. Another above it in the trees branches is starting
                to appear. Taken with the Sony Cybershot F505V.

    { PHOTO - GANG OF BEINGS - 2 }   October 29, 2004   A group of four Beings that were
                jumping around over the room addition we haven't got around to finishing yet. Several
                small Orbs seems to have joined them, with more overlooking in the back. Two more
                Beings are starting to appear on the overhead branches on the left.
Taken with the Sony
                Cybershot F505V.

    { PHOTO - WHITE BEING - 3 }   October 30, 2004   One large white Being on the telephone
                wire that connects between the shed and cabin.  Orbs and shooters are all around.
                Taken with the Sony Cybershot F717.

   { PHOTO - TWO BEINGS - 4 }   November 10, 2004   These two photos were taken as the
                first and third of this group. Looks like they kind of jumped away from the cabin, then
                went back to hang on to the roof! You can barely see a green Being materializing on
                the top of the green tarp on the far end in the photo on the left. That Being is not there
                in the photo on the right. Tiny Orbs and tiny shooters are all around.
Taken with the
                Sony Cybershot F505V.

    { PHOTO - RED BEING - 5 }   October 9, 2004   This red Being was taken with the Epson
                3100Z camera as it was peeking over the roof at us. A faraway KEA is in the lower
                center part of the photo, along with a few tiny shooters. John had very recently repainted
                the cabin with redwood stain. At the moment this picture was taken John was directly
                below the red Being, wearing a very red hat. We aren't sure if it might have liked the new
                paint job or John's hat! John also got the same red Being that night peeking over the
                roof, but the following photo is a much clearer picture that he got the following month.

    { PHOTO - RED BEING - 6 }   November 27, 2004   These two photos of the red Being
                peeking over the roof were taken with John's Sony Cybershot F717. In the photo on
                the left the red Being is halfway out from the roof, and in the right photo the Being has
                pulled back quite a bit. Shooters and Orbs in the photo on the left, and only one large
                brilliant white Orb moving upward in the photo on the right. A cut from the original
                sized photo of that Orb is in the lower inset.

Date created: May 25, 2000
John and Jan Young
Copyright 2000 through 2008