Hi, Everyone!
        We decided to include this page to make comments on our observations of the Orb photographs we took. This area will be updated monthly or as more observations are made. Photos pertaining to the subject matter will be found below each section.


Subject: Before and After

          I was going through photos the other night and came across several groups of what I call Before and After shots. These are those shot sequences where an Orb is there in a shot and not there in the next (or within a few photos at the same location and approximate camera angle). Since Jan noticed this occasional photo sequence last year we've been trying to note these as they appear. I'm always amazed at this Orb activity. These are valuable shot sequences to me and I think would add to anyone's photo collection.

        If you use a digital camera, usually there is an LCD screen on the back which lets you view the shot. As the photographer you are part of the experience and an eye witness. When reviewing the photos the memory of the experience will surface and will have more meaning to you about what occurred. If you invite the Orbs for family photos like we do, this may reveal more to you.  Soup's On!

Click here to see photos:  Before and After


Subject: Orbs are Dust are Orbs?

        Paranormal photography is a fascinating field that appears to be growing rapidly and receiving increased attention. Regardless of one's area of interest, three of the more photographed subjects seem to be departed spirits, energy anomalies, and Orbs. You've probably noticed the periodic debunking posts given by "Armchair Debunkers" attributing the presence of Orbs to dust particles captured by the camera. Jan & I realized that for the entire time we've been photographing we hadn't done a dust test on our camera ( Sony Mavica FD-73 ). So, we used a dusty blanket, shook it at close range, and photographed. We noticed no Orbs, even with dust on the lens.

        You might consider trying your own dust test so you know how your camera records images of dust and Orbs. Before you begin your test, we suggest that you tell the Orbs to stay away while you are conducting it. Remember, they are curious and love fun events. Afterwards invite them in for group photos. This makes for great before and after shots. Below are some photos of our test. Notice that the last photo has the glowing eyes of one of our cats. She is standing on some shiny metal pipes, which are also not creating Orbs. Soup's on!

Click here to see photos: Dust, No Orbs

        UPDATE !!!   We took these photos last year. At the time afterwards I was so choked up with dust I didn't have the gumption to post them on our website. Now seems to be a good time!

        The real question in all this mumbo jumbo was not if dust looked like Orbs, but if Orbs looked like dust! We finally realized that to be able to actually see what dust itself looked like we had to take the extreme path. A dirt and gravel country road not too far away was the answer. It had never been paved and was graded by the county on an irregular schedule. I positioned myself on the side of that road, sitting on a small step stool fifteen feet from the edge. John drove his Exterra wagon back and forth in front of me as I snapped off about thirty photos with the Sony Cybershot F505V. The sun had set behind the hills and there was a little bit of light left, but I turned the slaved Vivitar 285 flash unit on high and put the camera flash on forced. I wanted to duplicate the equipment settings to be exactly what they were when we did go out shooting at night.

        I guess you could say we were lucky (if you had not been me sitting out there!). A number of other cars drove by to help out. A car had just passed by as I took this photo of John coming on. I got several of these white-outs during the session as the dust swept over me and the camera. You can barely make out his headlights.

Click here to see what dust looks like all over camera and me!   White-Out!

        The next photo was the best of what dust actually did look like. It was taken in the middle of the shoot. It was amazing how fast the dust from the white-outs settled.
We were out there for a total of about thirty minutes. The camera lens was only cleaned once and that was just before we left the house to get to this road.

        You can see the flash reflecting off John's tail light lens. Even against the black part of the lower back of his wagon there are no white circular objects.

Click here to see what dust actually looks like!   We Found Dust!


Subject: Wounded Orbs

Hello everyone,
        Today is December 13, 2000. Ice rolled in this morning covering our state of Arkansas. I got up early this morning, turned on the news, and found out I didn't have to go to work. So, I grabbed the camera, went outside, and began photographing. Our Orb friends were there. However, we did notice wounded or damaged Orbs like the ones in the Photo Gallery. We have observed Orbs with holes in them and chunks out of their sides in our photographs for the past twelve months. If anyone has been photo- graphing similar Orbs, please contact us. We are interested to see how wide spread this is, and for how long this has been going on. Below are two photos I shot this morning (don't forget the little guy under the porch). Soup's on!

Click here to see photos: Wounded Orbs 1  and Wounded Orbs


Subject - Diamonds Are Dust? The Truth Is In The Photos!

        We started to put this in the CYBERSHOT PHOTO section yesterday (April 12, 2001), but realized when we finished photographing last night it had turned into Bean Soup!

BEWARE!  (Be aware!)

        When you get something out of the ordinary in your photos, don't make the mistaken assumption that someone photographing anomalies for a long period of time knows everything there is to know. (Not even us!) Do not throw your photos away because someone tells you the anomalies in them are dust, glare, flare or what not. Hang on to them and see if a pattern develops or maybe you see something there you didn't notice before.

        Just saw a comment on one website that stated diamonds are dust particles that are very close to the lens when photos were taken with the Cybershot. Well, we got them with our Mavica also, just not very often. Realizing we would have to do the dreaded "shake the dusty blanket" test again, this time for the Cybershot, we searched through the photos with the Diamonds in them to see if there was something that would disprove this statement of the Diamonds being only dust particles. The truth was there in several photos.

        Another case in point: It has not rained here for several weeks and the pollen is very heavy on our cars despite windy conditions. We have gone out to photograph and had gotten only one Orb in one photo and one Diamond in another photo, out of over three hundred photos taken with both cameras. So pollen dust must be too fine to be attributed to the manufacturing of Orbs.

          Is there a reason that dust particles are usually an explanation for Orbs in photos when hundreds of photos were taken on different nights, in different weather conditions, and no Orbs show up? Isn't there supposed to be dust in the air at all times that should be recorded by the camera as the same consistent geometric design or expression? Isn't the camera a technological instrument supposed to be technologically consistent in it's reproduction? Do Orbs that are supposed to be dust particles and are larger than an object blocking part of them make you wonder "How could this be if they're supposed to be dust"? Have you performed a "Dust" & "Water" test with your camera? Know your camera in adverse conditions like dust and rain. That way you'll know the difference when technological criticisms about your camera arise. Since you are part of the experience, and the best eye witness to what occurred, you then can confidently say, "It was not dust, water (rain), lens flare, etc. because I've tested my camera in these conditions. This is what happened, I know what I saw, I was there."

        Paranormal photography is a wonderful adventure, whether you have taken tens of thousands of photographs or this is your first experience. Rely on your experience, trust in your equipment and your intuition. You're the one doing it. Share ideas with others, consider others' experiences, but trust no authority, because there is none. You are as much a valid and important explorer as anyone on this planet. Never believe any differently.
John&Jan---The Beans

        We included blowups of what it looks like for Diamonds to be in front of branches and for them to be behind branches so you could see the difference for yourself. Notice how the rim of the Diamond is overlaid on the branch, showing that the Diamond is in front of the branch. Then see how there is no overlay of the rim of the Diamond on the branch, indicating the Diamond is actually behind the branch. Being blown up to almost pixel size, the photos aren't great, but you can see what we are talking about. Compare the examples of the Diamonds being behind a branch to the original photo. Obviously they are not close to the lens at all. In fact, if you saw a dust particle this large you might just better run for it before it falls on you!

        (Note: All of these aren't actually Diamonds, with four pointed corners. We started to call them Shields - the ones with the rounded tops. Then along came the ones with the rounded sides - being round on either left or right side. We had no name for them. We discovered later that a particular shape of Orb was already being called a Shield. It was rounded at the top with a small triangular wing on both sides. Since at the present moment we can think of no better name for these shapes that we have in the photos below, we will simply refer to them as Diamonds right now.)

#1  Original photo
   a)  Diamond behind branch.
#2  Original photo
   a)  Diamond behind pine needles.
   b)  Diamond behind pine needles.
#3  Original photo
   a)  Diamond inside of privet bush. (The green leaf on the right side of the Diamond is in front of it. The clothes line is directly in front and next to the privet bush that the Diamond is in. The clothespins on the line are very close to the same size of the Diamond at 3 1/2 inches.)
   b)  Diamond in front of branch. (The one on top is in front, the one on the bottom is behind the small privet branch.)
#4  Original photo
   a)  Diamond behind branch.
#5  Original photo
   a)  Diamond behind two branches.

   So for the Finale! We were set up to take photos of John vigorously shaking a very dusty blanket as soon as it got dark. Listening to thunder rolling closer we decided to get started even though it wasn't pitch black out yet. When we stepped outside it had already begun to rain, so the dust test was put off until later that night.

        John went out hoisting an umbrella and the Cybershot camera. His first shot was a very large round Orb, BEHIND the phone wire line that extends between two buildings! Those guys! That's when I remembered the last time I had taken the Mavica out and gotten any Orbs several weeks ago that there were a lot of Orbs (round) hiding behind trees and branches. At the time I thought that was rather curious, since most Orbs appeared to rather like having their photo taken and were in full view. Now it appears like it might have been one of those telepathic crazy communication things where the Orbs were trying to show us the answer before the question had even been asked!

        Here are both the original and blowup photos of that Orb. In the blowup the white lumpy things on the phone wire are water droplets from the rain. Funny...not only do those water droplets not look like Orbs, but if rain drops are supposed to look like Orbs, where are they? Also check out the third photo for ideas on how to get an approximate sizing of Orbs in your photos. In this case, since the Orb is slightly behind the pole we used the pole for a measuring device for the minimum size, copying and pasting it in a row in the third photo. The pole's width is 1 1/4 inches, which we multiplied four and a half times, making the Orb's diameter roughly 5 5/8 inches. But if the Orb is farther away from the pole the Orb is going to be bigger than that.
----Photo of round Orb in rain behind telephone wire.
----Photo of round Orb blowup.
----Photo of sizing round Orb in blowup.

       The rain had stopped so we went ahead with our dust test. I took several photos using the Sony Cybershot while John flung the blanket around. We had the camera mounted on a tripod and were using the timer so the whole process would be more in focus. NO ORBS - Diamond, round or other. The dust flying around from the blanket was pretty bad. John said it was getting in his eyes. The round thingy in the third photo to the right of the blanket is the hub from a wheel on a small cart that is hanging from the shed wall.
----Dust test photo 1
----Dust test photo 2
----Dust test photo 3

Peek-a-boo Orbs and Diamonds aren't dust. Soup's on!


Subject - Under All Conditions
November 7, 2001

Hello Everyone,
    Jan & I really have some basic questions (to us) about shooting Orbs under adverse conditions (rain, hail, snow, attributing dusty conditions when there are not any, etc.) that haven't been answered. We aren't trying to debunk the Debunkers, or change anyone's mind. We would just like these questions answered. Maybe you can help? The following are our basic questions. If you have any of your own, please post them to us (we'll try to find the answer and reply to you regardless). Here they are accompanied with photos.


1.  Is there a reason that dust particles are usually an explanation for Orbs in photos when hundreds of photos were taken on different nights, in different weather  conditions, and no Orbs show up?

        A case in point: It has not rained here for several weeks and the pollen is very heavy on our cars despite windy conditions. We have gone out to photograph and had gotten only one Orb in one photo and one Diamond in another photo, out of over three hundred photos taken with both cameras. So pollen dust must be too fine to be attributed to the manufacturing of Orbs.

2.  Isn't there supposed to be dust in the air at all times that should be displayed by the camera as the same consistent geometric design or image in a picture? If Diamond Orbs are dust, as some claim, then why do Diamonds periodically show up and are not displayed all of the time?

3.  Isn't the camera, a technological instrument, supposed to be technologically consistent in it's reproduction? Why is camera technology (the way a camera sees and records what it sees) performing under adverse or normal conditions, relied upon for explanations when photos taken under the same conditions at the same time show these obvious differences? Shouldn't all of the photos be consistently the same?

4.  Do Orbs that are supposed to be dust particles and are larger than an object blocking part of them make you wonder "How could this be if they're supposed to be dust"?

5.  If rain drops are supposed to look like Orbs, why aren't they everywhere all of the time in photos when it is raining? What about rain photos with no Orbs present?  If Orbs were just rain or water, wouldn't they would be streaming in long lines off the roof like a waterfall?

6.  If Orbs are caused by a reflection from rain, snow, hail, or dust why are they in only a part of the picture, maybe a bunch in the next shot, one or two in the next, and then none in the next, when the conditions haven't changed? If the camera sees these objects (rain, snow, hail and dust) this way, shouldn't the photos be consistent with this technology interpretation across the photograph?

7.  Why is the Orb, partially or mostly hidden behind an object, attributed to these sources when the source very well could have been blocked or partially blocked? If partially blocked, why is the reflection uniformed but blocked by an object in front of it?

8.  Why are there Orbs when there are no adverse conditions in one photo and then gone in the next?

9.  Why are there no Orbs when there are no adverse conditions?

10.  Did dust, moisture, lens flare, etc. just appear as Orb explanations within the last few years with the advent of the digital camera? What about Orbs taken with 35mm film cameras before this time?

11.   We have been told that dust does not appear as Orbs unless it is within four inches of the camera lens.  Why? How does anyone know this? How can you tell if it is within four inches? What if it is five inches away, does that mean it's an Orb by this definition. We have photographed with a lot of dust on the lens and have not seen any dust or Orbs in photos.

        Some dust particles may photograph as Orbs in some situations but that doesn't begin to account for the rest of Orb activity. What we did notice though was that Orbs came in behind me as I was shaking the blanket (no Orbs coming from around the blanket in the shaking area, or from the blanket as it was shook. They also dispersed after the show was over. Also there was one photo with absolutely no Orbs smack dab in the middle of the run of tests. Our conclusion at this time is that Orbs are not dust and they (at least we can't get them to) don't photograph as dust. But they will come into your dust test photos because they are curious to see what you are up to and why this is interesting to you.

12.  There have been many eye witness accounts of people physically seeing Orbs in and around there homes and at crop circles. Some see a quick flash, others see stationary or slowly moving Orbs, and some see them quickly zooming around. Sometimes these sightings are accompanied by sounds that are electrical in nature and have been recorded at the location of the sightings or mentioned in eyewitness accounts. Electrical disturbances and failures of video equipment have been experienced. Can one honestly attribute this to dust, moisture, or lens flare, etc. I don't think so.

13.  If you are going to conduct a dust or moisture test of your own, shoot a sequence of at least ten shots, and preferably more. View the photos in sequence, don't throw any of them away, and look for Orb activity patterns that emerge. Note contrasting  activity from one photo to the next. A telling photo sequence might be something like a group of Orbs, then a few Orbs, then no Orbs, etc. The photos with no Orbs really pose questions. If Orbs are dust, and the dusty environment hasn't changed from one shot to the next, why are there no dust images recorded by the camera? Look at the next shot to see if images have returned. The only answer we have is the images are Orbs. They are curious to see what you are doing because it is unusual. They can come and go depending on their level of interest and amount of curiosity. Orb presence and activity will be noticeable from dust.

        A dusty environment, especially during the daytime, can visually reduce the contrast between the Orbs and the background making it more difficult to see Orb definition. This is noticeable in Orbs that are partially coming through from another dimension, or are changing vibrational frequency to be in our 3rd dimensional visual spectrum. This is usually most noticeable in group shots.

        Like everyone else, we have opinions that have developed about this area that may be different from someone else's. Ours have developed over a period of time from photographing, seeing repetitive actions and responses in similar situations. For us, weather related tests haven't answered much regarding a specific physical explanation. We always end up with many more questions than they answer, and we always see some kind of Orb activity that doesn't fit whatever physical explanation is proposed at the time. We all know there are many more basic questions that haven't been or can't be answered by a narrow critical mindset (that, in most cases, doesn't even photograph). I guess we are just seeing things in weather related test photos that we've seen so many times before that the "One size fits all" explanations can't explain.

        So we decided to photograph under all different conditions to see what our cameras actually recorded. Below are some of the results. Many photos we did not keep because there wasn't anything in them worth keeping. Fortunately we did save a few that nothing showed up in, for comparison shots. You would be wise to do the same.

        It was hailing dime sized pieces on June 27, 2001, during the day. Jan stationed herself on the porch, along with all the cats and dogs, and started photographing.
        She was using the Sony Cybershot DSC-F505V with just the camera flash on high. The hail was quite vigorous, some of it bouncing onto the porch hitting her and the animals.

PHOTO 1   Hail, no Orbs. We blew this up and were amazed that we really couldn't see the hail, in any of the photos. Only the misty quality of the photo.
PHOTO 2   Hail with Orbs. Note how these Orbs are mostly on the left side of the photo. It didn't just hail over there!

        This snowstorm was a major event here in Arkansas on January 27, 2000. Large portions of the freeways were shutdown and the police were warning everyone to stay off the roads. It started snowing about 1 p.m. here and continued non-stop until the next morning. John and I alternated taking photos with the Sony Mavica FD73 (the Sony Cybershot not yet purchased) using only the camera flash during the day and the Vivitar with slave unit at night.

PHOTO 1   Here at least you can see the snow falling as thin streaks. There is one Orb coming through in front of a tree on the top of the right side of the woodpile.
PHOTO 2   Again here's the snow falling as tiny streaks in the location of the deer feeder.
PHOTO 3   These next three photos show a dramatic difference. In this photo you can clearly see the tiny streaks of falling snow against the dark red of the shed. There are a few Orbs starting to come through at the very top of the shed.
PHOTO 4   More Orbs have come through the dimensions and you can still see the tiny streaks of snow falling. Compare the streaks to the size of the Orbs.
PHOTO 5   The amount of Orbs has increased in this same location for the shed.
PHOTO 6   John zoomed in on the deck where a small cooler was sitting. It was just lightly snowing. No Orbs here.
PHOTO 7   There is a large Orb behind a branch between two trees. Not very close to the camera lens at all. ("Orbs are caused by dust particles or reflective material floating very close to the camera lens" - some folks #1 answer to the existence of Orbs.) The brilliant white Orb has materialized with the phone wire leading to the shed actually going through it. Starting from the left, the Orb is in front of the wire, and also the Orb is in front of the wire at the center section of the Orb. On the right side the Orb is behind the wire! Look at the lower left side corner where the blue tarp hanging off the shed and the snow-covered tarp on a cart come together to compare to the next photo.
PHOTO 8   On the left side are two large Orbs behind the blue tarp near the bottom and also behind the snow covering the green tarp next to it. They are not there in the previous photo.
PHOTO 9   There is a large Orb on the lower right side that is behind a branch. Blowup of that Orb is on the top right. Just left of that blowup are smaller Orbs partly behind branches.

   The following photos were shot on different dates at different times of the year. John would go out with an umbrella to keep the equipment dry, so there was only about a foot between his camera lens and the rain. I would either shoot off the edge of the porch or sit in my car and shoot out the open driver's side window. Also not much distance between the camera lens and the rain itself.
        We haven't figured out why we can't see the raindrops as they were falling, like we couldn't see the hail falling. We kind of thought the Cybershot with its 3.3 megapixels might pick them up, but it didn't. We always used a flash - either the camera flash during the day or the Vivitar with slave unit when it was dark. We could see raindrops that were hanging off things like the phone wire or tiny tree branches if we blew the photo up several times. But even blowing the photo up didn't show the raindrops falling.

PHOTO 01   (Cybershot - October 24, 2001)  Daytime rain. No Orbs.
PHOTO 02   (Mavica - July 2, 2001)  Daytime rain. One large Orb on right, one Orb in front of bottom of blue barrel in center.
PHOTO 03   (Mavica - July 2, 2001)  Daytime rain. Many Orbs. Taken during the same shoot as the photo above.
PHOTO 04   (Cybershot - October 10, 2001)  Daytime rain. No Orbs.
PHOTO 05   (Cybershot - October 10, 2001)  Daytime rain. For those who want to ponder on the idea that the Orbs are manufactured by the Vivitar flash held above the camera (as to being why most of the Orbs are in the upper half of the photo), we give you this one. A single Orb moving upwards at the top of the photo, one moving  upwards at the bottom of the photo, and one stationary Orb in the center of the photo (on the left side of a cart with white hubcaps hanging on the side of the shed). Not much on the right or left side.
PHOTO 06   (Cybershot - May 6, 2001) Daytime rain. One large Orb and a few scattered small Orbs.
PHOTO 07   (Cybershot - July 26, 2001)  Daytime rain. Lots of Orbs over most of the photo.
PHOTO 08   (Cybershot - September 23, 2001)  Night rain. Orbs at top, not at bottom.
PHOTO 09   (Cybershot - September 23, 2001)  Night rain. Most Orbs are at the top. Orb behind leaves at top center. Blowup of that Orb on top right.
PHOTO 10   (Cybershot - September 17, 2001)  Night rain. Many Orbs, but none in front of vegetation on right lower side.
PHOTO 11   (Cybershot - July 13, 2001)  Just before dark rain. Orbs in center and at top of photo, none in front of vegetation on right or left side.
PHOTO 12   (Cybershot - July 13, 2001)  Night rain. Orbs moving upwards, but none at bottom. Blow up on right bottom side of moving upwards Orb behind pole sticking out horizontally from cabin. No gutter on the roof in this location. If Orbs were just rain or water, they would be streaming in long lines off the roof, like a waterfall.
PHOTO 13   (Mavica - no date 2001)  Just before dark rain. Very large Orb behind tree on right and in front of smaller tree to the left. Faint Orbs near top. No other Orbs show up in front of the trees, which is right in front of the camera lens.

        We decided to only cover the moisture questions here, because there shouldn't be much dust floating around after the first few minutes of a thunderstorm! We have already approached dust in other areas of BEAN SOUP.

        As you can see, it takes a collection of different photos to really show what is going on. One photo just won't do.

Soup's On!


Subject -  Those Of The Departed And Incoming Spirits
March 26, 2003

    We have been to four different cemeteries with dismal results. There were some Orbs way up in the sky, but none that looked like they belonged there. So we can honestly say we have never to our knowledge taken an Orb photo of what we would believe was someone who has departed.

    But we have viewed some photos that were sent to us by folks visiting our website that left no doubt in our minds that what they had gotten was an Orb of a departed relative. We did not ask for permission to show these extraordinary photos. Two families were still grieving and it was inappropriate to ask them. For the third the woman who took the daylight photos (no flash) didn't have the knowledge of the groom's side of the family, which was where this Orb always stood next to, dressed in all her finery. Maybe some time in later years they will be ready to share their stories and photos with the world.

    So we have added those of the departed to our list of what some Orbs are.

    But what about incoming spirits, those about to incarnate in an unborn child?
Could they also be viewed as Orbs? We have read different accounts and feel that the moment the spirit enters the unborn child varies greatly. It could be at the moment of conception or at the moment of birth, or at any time in between. It would be difficult to determine if an Orb captured near a pregnant woman was the incoming spirit.
Perhaps a series of photos taken of the woman taken through out her pregnancy might show an Orb that was the same one, next to the woman. Possibly it might disappear and never be seen again at one point. But then it would have to be taken into account whether that particular Orb might be either a companion Orb or a departed relation watching over the woman, rather than the incoming spirit. Another possibility to consider is that of an incoming spirit arriving before the woman conceives, possibly months before conception. The purpose would be to familiarize and get to know the incoming spirit's future mother. The shape of an Orb could be taken, or a more shapeless but distinguishable shape might be repeatedly observed with the woman, or man for that matter, probably depending on whom the spirit would have the longest relationship. But again it would have to be taken into account whether that particular Orb might be either a companion Orb or a departed relation watching over the woman, or man, rather than the incoming spirit.

Just something to contemplate and to dowse.

Soup's On!


Subject -  You Are The Expert! - or - What's Your Point?
March 26, 2003

     Recently a new member on a discussion group wrote about how the way a camera works may have an effect on the shape of Orbs and other unexplained things that may be photographed (I'm giving my take here, not trying to speak for anyone else). The person didn't have an answer as to why adjacent things in the image weren't also affected, so I thought "Here we go again. Another dust, lens flare, moisture explanation attempt only this time it's the camera". After thinking about this for several days it seems that two major questions are - Why is the experience of the photographer, and corroborating photographs, in question to begin with by reasons which don't answer basic questions as to their validity? Why should anyone's assessment, opinion, or explanation of your experience take precedence over yours? In our opinion it doesn't, can't, and shouldn't.

    When a person is new to photographing in the dark, there are some things that look strange and unexplainable, caused by the flash reflecting off of some object. This is usually the time where they will ask for someone else's opinion. What they really need to do is to find out for themselves by going back during the daylight hours and photographing that same spot and comparing it to the picture in question. Most of the time they will be able to see what caused the strange looking object, if it was not paranormal to begin with. In other cases if the photo is lightened considerably they might also be able to determine what it is. When reviewing your photographs it is important to be your own worst critic and find out if there was something out there that caused any questionable images in your photographs. Also review your personal experience of the photography shoot or Event. What did you notice, perceive or feel during the experience?

    Our suggestion is to photograph at least twice, and preferably more, in the same direction, when you are out photographing in the dark. What is there in one photo may be gone in the next, and that could very well be paranormal.

    This is why photographing and reviewing photos as a sequence of photos is so very important. The sequence will tell the whole story of an event, the before photos, the during photos, and the after photos. They can show appearance, then non appearance, movement, and any additional activities, occurrences, or changes, all within context of what occurred during that sequence of photos which recorded activity as a sequence. You can see how much more information (and it is information within in context of the event) can be gathered from a photo sequence as opposed to an individual photograph. Photo sequences also act as a catalyst to activate or bring out memories, perceptions, and awarenesses that you experienced while participating in the event. This adds even more information and depth to your understanding or picture of the event. One individual photo cannot covey what occurred in an event if for no other reason than you have nothing else to compare it to at the time of the occurrence. Many times Debunkers will use individual photos to try to prove whatever they are trying to prove at the time. Shot sequences can clarify what actually occurred, as it occurred, at the time it was happening. Photo sequences are a frame by frame motion picture that tell the story of the event as opposed to an individual photo which at the most can't tell you much at all, and can be taken out of context to supposedly represent something that has no validity or relevance and is a misrepresentation of what the image is.

     I understand that just as there are different interests, areas, and viewpoints in paranormal photography there are also different considerations each of us applies when critiquing, assessing and evaluating our own photos and experiences. What may be important, relevant, or a different view point for one person, may not be to the person who took the photo and was part of the experience. In other words, if you don't think that something is a consideration in a situation you experienced, then it isn't. You were there and part of it. They weren't. You are the best eyewitness to what occurred. They aren't.

    The reason I bring this up is because there are a lot of nice people in this area we are in that have different, even contrary viewpoints that they may feel very passionately about. I've noticed that it is easy to feel affronted when someone expresses a contrary opinion (usually a debunking oriented one) about what Jan or I have experienced. It's hard sometimes to separate the person from what they are expressing. So if what they are saying doesn't fit what I know happened, or what I know is in that photograph, it is just another opinion and we agree to disagree.

    Here is a collection of five shots taken in sequence. When John took these with the Sony Cybershot F505V he could see the Being up in the tree in his LCD screen after he took the first shot. So he continued to shoot in the same direction until he could no longer see that Being. This series of shots shows the Being changing shape in the first four photos, then gone in the fifth. We were so intent on looking at the Being in the tree we failed to notice someone else had appeared in the third and fourth shot, also gone in the fifth. I only noticed him today because of the differences he created in two of the five shots taken in the same direction.

PHOTO 01   This Being in the tree looks like he is almost streaking, with the shape he has taken. It looks a bit rectangular in form.
PHOTO 02   In this next photo the Being has become less dense. Almost as if he was startled by the approach of the next visitor.
PHOTO 03   Now the Being is brighter and denser. Also a Red Guy has appeared in front of John's silver wagon at the bottom of the photo!
PHOTO 04   This time the Being is brighter and denser, and closer to the tree on the right, than he was in the first photo. The Red Guy has stayed for this photo also, not making any apparent movement.
PHOTO 05   Both the Being and the Red Guy are gone.
PHOTO 06   This is a closeup comparison of the Red Guy in Photos 3 and 4. He didn't appear to have moved much at all between the two shots. The top photo was lightened a little, where as we left the bottom photo the way it came out of the camera so you could see how red he was. We equalized both photos on the right side so you could better see the outline of this guy. He appears to be very dense along the top ridge of him.

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Subject: What Are Orbs?
December 25, 2003

     Recently we've noticed a number of folks on the web who have been pursuing the Orb phenomenon have posted their personal observations about what Orbs are. Regardless of the varying individual directions, interests, differences, or how they are described, we have noticed similarities in these observations of different people's accumulated experiences. This seems like a good time for us to jump in and share some of our general observations which have developed over a period of time from our experiences. This list is by no means complete and will be ongoing. It is a collection of general viewpoints from our photographic/dowsing experiences with Orbs. If nothing else, we hope these observations may give you possibilities to consider in your own experiences and when seeing what others have observed.

     Our descriptions are not science based or meant to be. We don't know a damn thing about science or have any interest in it. Our descriptions are pretty generic and common accumulated from interactive experiences. We hope they communicate what we are trying to express.

A.   Natural Living Species

    We dowsed that there are natural living species and some of the species have babies. We have photographed adult Orbs and babies together. Until we explore this area more, this is all we're going to say at this time.

B.   Artificially Created Orbs - Can be grown & created by other technologies.

    They are Bio-Electrical (Plasma? Sometimes called Plasmoids and various other science oriented descriptions) and can travel between dimensions and move in and out of our 3rd dimensional visual spectrum. They can affect 3D energy-phasing. Electrical and vibrational effects can be noticed in camera and electrical equipment. Unusual sounds may be noticed in your immediate environment when photographing. There are also signature sounds for Orbs when they are present whether you are photographing or not. Telepathic communication and response can also occur. This can be further explored through the use of intuitive tools of your choice. The corroborating photos are best viewed as a photo shoot sequence rather than individual photos. Much more will be revealed to you this way and you'll have a much more complete picture of what transpired.

1-Some Orbs are sentient - some aren’t
2-Some Orbs have consciousness and personality identity - some don’t
* Degree of sentience, consciousness, and awareness is built in.

    Some Orbs are sensitive to and can be affected by energy vibrations, the quality of energy - positive and negative, changes from natural earth energies (ley lines, vortexes, fluctuating energy waves from our planetary environment, etc.), dimensional & inter-dimensional environments and interactions, active and living history vibrations and residue of an area (Ghosts-outgoing and incoming spirits), and what we project - positive and negative energy.

    * Some Orbs are not sensitive to energy vibrations unless they are strong enough to cause damage or interference.

    * Some are telepathic and can cause telepathic communication and respond to it.
They can act differently from each other as groups or individuals.

    *Some Orbs can be used as a vehicle to view from by a viewer, like looking through a window. Other tasks also include collecting general and specific information.

1 - The Viewer looks into the Orb from its home location. The Orb projects part of itself to the area the Viewer wants to go.
2 - An Orb will go to an area where the Viewer requests it to go.
3 - Orbs are attracted to high vibrations, so the viewer will sometimes let them go explore areas to see what exciting or unusual phenomena is occurring.

    Jan dowsed a Viewer Explanation --- April 10th, 2003 (2 days before Cookeville, TX presentation).
       John's Companion Orb is here. I asked what it was doing and got " Companion Orb put vibration in fat of John's body to affect energy production."  Did the Companion Orb have something it wanted to say?  My pendulum indicated a Yes and spelled out:

"Were you going to make plexiglass Orb?"
It was startling to me because it had been several weeks since I had thought about doing that and hadn't been thinking of it recently. I thought I was, only wasn't quite sure I could with the equipment we had.
"Very Understandable" was the response referring to "How Viewers look through Orbs".
I asked if I was talking to a Viewer from some other planet in another Dimension.  "Yes."
Seizing the opportunity I asked the following questions:
Is your Orb a living creature?  "Yes."
Do your Orbs have babies?  "Yes"
Do you hold your Orb up to your face to view through it? "No."
The picture came into my mind and I said you lay your Orb on a table to view through it!  "Yes."
That would be similar to looking through a crystal ball. I wondered if crystal balls originated from looking through Orbs.
John's Companion Orb replied,  "Even Orbs have a history."

BIG QUESTION--Are ORBS a universal energy vehicle form of choice?

C.    Departed and incoming Spirits

    We've been occasionally dowsing the departed spirit area the past few months. We got that most of us leave the body as a mist/ecto form of energy. After we've left we can stay in a mist/ecto form or collect our energy and  form ourselves into an Orb shape. It is the most effective and efficient form for traveling. Most folks seem to make this change to an Orb shape and keep it only long enough to go to their next choice of whatever reincarnation or destination. A minority keep it for however long they choose not choosing to go to any "next destination" right away. They feed and increase their energy in that form making it more intense and growing the form larger. This aids them in just traveling around to different locations for the purpose of just seeing what is going on elsewhere.

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Subject -  Consciousness Interaction
June 29, 2006


When a person begins photographing what is commonly referred to as the "Paranormal" one can find themselves in one area or choose a number or combination of different areas. Areas like Departed Spirits, Inter Dimensionals, Universal Mind, Nature Spirits & Nature Beings, and all points in between.

Regardless of the area(s) you find yourself photographing, through accumulated experiences you begin to notice things occurring that may seem unusual to unexplainable. They are usually little things like feeling a strong intuitive urge to photograph in a different direction or suddenly waking up in the middle of the night, throwing on some clothes and dashing outside with your camera, knowing it is imperative that you begin photographing immediately. Sometimes it can be as dramatic as camera equipment failures or your car's electrical system shutting down when driving, a new life form appearing, or a recognizable Orb that repeatedly shows up in your photos. As you review photos taken at those intuitive response moments or in prolonged dramatic photographic events that unfold before you, you are more times then not rewarded with some interesting to unique photos. Many times important meaningful information will be communicated to you through the experience you have just participated in corroborated by photos of the event.

If you sit down and really review your history of experiences you realize you have probably experienced, seen, know, and are aware of a lot more then you may have originally thought. This knowledge and awareness of your subject area(s) manifests to you in different ways and varying degrees, including various ways of inner knowing. There is at least a conscious acknowledgment that things you did experience, but perhaps can't quite explain, occurred. Things such as various types of interaction with different living energies or life forms, varying degrees of dimensional & multi-dimensional sentience and consciousness interaction, verbal & telepathic communication efforts and responses corroborated by photos, or other tangibles and intangibles that you can't help but notice from your experiences of photographing over a period of time.

Regardless of your photographic area, approach, or who shows up, there seems to be a common thread that we all experience whether we are consciously aware of it or not. That common thread is "Consciousness Interaction" which is a result of being an active participant in the event as it unfolds. The experience of our consciousness interaction in every event occurs in different levels of our awareness and is recorded within us.

Could we be genetically wired and linked to what we photograph? Could interaction with all kinds of normally unseen life forms and energies be much more commonplace than we might have thought? Does a departed spirit at some point collect their ecto mist energy body and condense it into an Orb form as an efficient form for travel? Are some of the Orbs we photograph artificially created to varying degrees and used for different tasks? There are so many questions and each of our individual experiences bring up more possibilities reflecting aspects of the whole.

If you don't already project your awareness, allow any sense of separation from your surroundings to dissolve, and open your intuition when photographing, please take the time to do this. Begin including it as part of your photographic efforts regardless of what intuitive tools or approaches you choose. It will enrich you and provide much more meaning to what you experience when photographing. Allow yourself the opportunity to find out more about this wondrous life that we are all a part of by expanding your approach to your own experiences. Consciousness Interaction is the common thread running through all of these areas, individually realized through interactive participation.

There can be several inherent conditions in this approach that can appear confusing to some people, usually resulting in varying degrees of skepticism of validity to non-acceptance. The first of these is the medium of the still photograph. Does a still photograph actually depict whatever description is assigned to it as a single representation? Sometimes yes and sometimes no, depending on how it is presented and what it is supposed to represent. If you are relating an activity sequence of some kind, either represented by photos, or the photos are representative and corroborative of your experience which you are relating in a narrative, one might want to present a sequence of photos of the event you experienced. Even creating a simple sequence like adding a before and after photo to a single subject photo can provide much more information and context to that single photo. For this reason, many times the photos of an activity sequence with nothing in them are often more important than the individual photos of the sequence with activity in them because of the contrast and context they provide to the sequence.

Another inherent condition is the personal experience of the photographer as the event is unfolding. Writing down your perceptions and experiences as an active participant in the event is very important. It provides substance, coherence, contrast, and context to the descriptive photos documenting the event you have just experienced. A personal account of the photo event is a very helpful and informative reference point and an additional point of view as one reviews activity sequences of the photo event. This is especially noticeable when photos corroborate and coincide with your personal experiences at the same time in the photo event.

Consciousness Interaction is all about providing the opportunity for Orbs and other life forms to reveal themselves and allowing each of us to have our own interactive experience with them.  Through personal participation you provide yourself an opportunity for experiential interaction with all of life forms and life energies we are all a part of. It's the opportunity to interact and explore with no restrictions, no protocols, no preconceived ideas about what is real and what isn't. It's the opportunity to be part of life revealing itself as it is, not as some would interpret and have you think it is. As we accumulate interactive experiences we have experiential references for not only our own future experiences but as a meaningful tools for reviewing photos of events, individual events, and event sequences. Experiential reference points are immediately noticeable when evaluating other people’s comments or observations. Some people may ask for proof after you have related an experience accompanied by photos, or say you are making claims of one kind or another. This is most curious as all you have done is related and presented your experience. Each of us owes it to ourselves to find out for ourselves. Each person's experiences are unique and important and are aspects of the whole.

The validity of an event realized through the personal experience of being an active participant as it unfolds is a very powerful personal reference. Since each of our opinions is the only one that matters we owe it to ourselves to find out for ourselves and not just sit back and accept what other people say something is or isn't, or that their approach is superior to yours. Consciousness Interaction, however you pursue and experience it, is one approach that provides us all an opportunity to find out more of Life we are involved in and our relationship in it.

There are no experts: You're it!
The photographer is the best eyewitness, they were part of the event as it unfolded!
Yours is the only opinion that matters, so find out for yourself !

Have a Wonderful Day
Make it a Masterpiece

John & Jan

Orb photography can be and often is controversial and confusing. Contributing to this are the different approaches and variations each of us take to pursue and view our personal experiences and those of others. Since many of us are in the same boat trying to understand this subject to the extent we individually can and want to, two general areas interact to varying degrees with varying degrees of importance determined by each of us.

When many of us first began photographing we tried what is generally and loosely referred to as more of a scientifically oriented approach. At that time for us, it was or seemed to be promoted as photography protocols. The more we photographed the more we noticed it did not match many of our personal experiences as corroborated by our photos.

Jan & I experience Orb photography with a Consciousness Interaction approach.  Consciousness Interaction feels perfectly natural, logical, infinitely more informative, and of much more personal value & meaning than conventionally referred to scientifically oriented approaches. We understand it much more and it makes sense to us.

"Consciousness Interaction" - when one realizes there is much more going on in their photos than first thought, and there can be an actual communication being transferred between the photographer and one or more Other Reality Beings being photographed. The result is that there is the knowledge that no longer are you photographing an inanimate object, but a sentient or conscious, and perhaps an intelligent life form. This is usually recognized in the activity sequences of a photo shoot or a string of photo shoots of a continuing subject thread.

Consciousness interaction can come about by simply calling Orbs to come in and you may notice that they suddenly appear. As you are photographing you can recognize the type of responses from them to your projected intent at the time as well as your responses to their interaction. Consciousness interaction can be recognized when viewing a number of your photos in sequences that can result in a story or information being revealed to you. This can relate to the present, short term, and immediate future events. Information can be revealed to you whether you asked for it or not.

Consciousness Interaction is not only a photographic approach it is also an equally important way of viewing photo shoots and events. Viewing activity sequences without any preconceived ideas allows one to view the activity as it is revealed and how it is revealed. You're viewing it on its terms, not qualifying or evaluating it on yours. This gives one an opportunity to view what is happening in a much more open and objective manner. When you then add your experience as a participant you have a greater opportunity to have a more comprehensive picture of what you are looking at and what occurred. In other words allow the event, including your experience in it, to reveal and communicate itself to you. This is the best way we have found to allow Other Reality Beings, through the medium of still photography, to begin to reveal themselves.

Below are some general examples of Orb responses and activity that we have experienced. We don't find these to be uncommon so be on the look out for them in you photo events.

1. When you are photographing and there are no Orbs in your photos, call Orbs in to join you for photos. When they show up ask them (project the invitation) to come in closer, then closer, and so on. When they do respond to you and come in closer in each photo this can be a good example of simple telepathic communication.

2. When Orbs are in your photos and you don't want them there, ask them to not come in to your photos. They will normally respond.

3. Orbs normally respond to your projected positive energy and that of your photographic environment. Negative energy either drives them away or makes them apprehensive to come in. Get familiar with the energy quality and the different amounts in your photographic environment and see how it can affect Orb response.

4. Look for Orbs in your photos showing you things. 
A. They'll move back and forth very quickly to get your attention so check your activity sequences of the shoot for more information.
B. In the past when we have been dealing with debunkers for several days in a row, noticeably more Orbs than usual have shown up in our photos behind tree branches or objects. It's their way of saying "Hey, we aren't dust, moisture, or lens flare - and we are just not that close to the camera lens. We're for real". 
C. For us, Orbs with holes is usually a warning of some kind pertaining to a physical event. If you notice these in your photos take note of what this condition may be telling you. Your experiences may be different.

5. Individual Orbs can show up and stay with you for a while. Use this opportunity to create a relationship with that Orb. Ask him/her to join you for photos, to go with you to different individual or multiple photo locations you might visit in one night. Check your photos to see if that Orb followed you from location to location. Be sure to periodically photograph your vehicle. Many of them love to ride in cars with you. Many times they'll be in your vehicle first waiting on you to get in, so before you do take a photograph of your vehicle and see if that Orb is inside waiting for you.

Hopefully this little description of how we photograph Other Reality Beings and view those photos in some way may be helpful to you. The key to doing this is active participation and interaction with an open mind. By setting the stage to allow Other Reality Beings to reveal themselves just as they are and pursuing interaction with them, you are affording yourself the opportunity to experience this area first hand. Personal experience is much more valuable and meaningful than intellectual theories or sitting around talking about it. So, good luck & have fun. You never know who you're going to meet in this vast neighborhood we live in.

There are no experts: You're it!
The photographer is the best eyewitness - they were part of the event as it unfolded!
Yours is the only opinion that matters, so find out for yourself !

Have a Wonderful Day
Make it a Masterpiece
John & Jan

After compiling John's beginning photos taken with the Nikon D70S, we realized they were the perfect ones to go along with this article! Read the story and see them here:
Nikon D70S Photos

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Subject: Dust Has Always Been Here!
March 28, 2008
I was looking at someone's dust experiments - they were not getting Orbs.
Suddenly I realized that dust was not a recently created substance - it has been here from the beginning and will probably be here up until the end.

The earliest known photo with an Orb in it was taken in 1896. Obviously not taken with a digital camera.
We got our first Orb with a 35mm Minolta film camera.
Orbs are not relegated to being only digital related.

There has been dust in every photograph taken, regardless if the camera used was digital or film.
Going by the dust theory, not only should every photo taken since cameras were invented have Orbs in them, the Orbs would be so thick you would not be able to see what you were shooting at.

So much for that.

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John and Jan Young
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