These are photos of what we think are Babies photographed on November 12, 2001 using the Sony Cybershot F505V. A kind of energy phase seems to occur and everything in the photo is slightly out of focus except the baby Orbs. They have occurred each May, August, and November for the last three previous years. Close up views of the Babies have been provided and in some you can see they are in focus compared to the rest of the photo.

I went down to a local pond one night, accompanied by my two dogs, "C" and "Peach", to photograph Orbs and anything else that wanted to show up. The following chronological sequence of photos represents similar events we have experienced with the babies. One or more large Orbs (Rounds or Diamonds) will show up and then the babies will appear while they are there. It's like a traveling nursery, and like any proud parent they are showing off all of their kids.

The following photos show how this particular event sequentially occurred.

{ PHOTO 01 }  A large Round Orb appears and is observing "C" on the dirt road with more Orbs gathering in the trees above in the far background. The pond, unseen, is located on the right side of this road.
{ PHOTO 02 }  Eleven shots later small Round Orbs and babies arrive in a wave over the pond.
{ PHOTO 03 }  Close up view of the left side of Photo 02.
{ PHOTO 04 }  Close up view of the right side of Photo 02.
{ PHOTO 05 }  The very next shot they are gone.
{ PHOTO 06 }  Thirty-three shots later we are back on the dirt road and only a few Orbs are in the trees above us, way in the background, like they are waiting.
{ PHOTO 07 }  Close up view of the right center top of Photo 06.
{ PHOTO 08 }  Two shots later "Peach" sees something down the road, running towards it, as "C" looks on with interest. Many large Round Orbs have appeared near the top of the photo.
{ PHOTO 09 }  Close up view of the big Orbs from top of Photo 08.
{ PHOTO 10 }  In the next shot a large Round Orb appears in front of me chaperoning a massive group of baby Rounds.
{ PHOTO 11 }  Close up view of the baby Orbs from the top left side of Photo 10.
{ PHOTO 12 }  Close up view of the baby Orbs and larger chaperone Orb from the top right side of Photo 10.
{ PHOTO 13 }  In the next shot the large chaperone Round Orb is over the same branch, but is quite a bit fainter, and the group of babies has dissipated, although some are still there.
{ PHOTO 14 }  Close up view of the top center of Photo 13.
{ PHOTO 15 }  Four shots later this large Orb appeared in front of the 4-wheeler to say good-bye.


Date created: November 26, 2007
John and Jan Young
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