Hi, everyone!  We are John and Jan---The Beans. Since July of 1999 we have been photographing Orbs and using Dowsing as a method of exploring them, their current status here on Earth, and in our dimension. As multi-dimensional beings, some Orbs are currently being used by Interplanetary life forms to view life on Earth and on other planets. Similar to looking through a window.

        This site promotes all Orb explorational activity. Our observations, and any conclusions drawn from them, which can change at any time, are results of our own experiences. They do not, nor are they intended to reflect or represent anyone else's. We encourage any  contributing comments because your efforts are important. We will all grow and benefit from them. If you have any questions or comments as you visit the areas of this site please let us know by clicking on the "BEANS"  at the bottom of this page to contact us. Thanks for your presence. We hope your visit is not only enjoyable, but very stimulating.

NEW!!!   We finally added a how to dowse using a pendulum with charts page!
                Dowsing With A Pendulum

         We kept a journal of our activities on Dowsing and photographing Orbs.  We compiled that information into our first book ORB JOURNAL - VOLUME 1 on CD ROM ($14.95 plus shipping and handling). ORB JOURNAL - VOLUME 2 on CD ROM ($14.95 plus shipping and handling) is now available, with more photographs and a surprising story developing. Two more journals have been added to this list.

        Click "ORB JOURNALS" on the buttons at the top of this page to see more.

        There is a small "PHOTO GALLERY" of photos we took ourselves using a Sony Mavica FD73 digital camera. We will expand it as far as this site permits, with new photos when we get them. We had acquired a Sony CyberShot DSC-F505V (March 2001) and will be adding the unusual photos we captured with it to the Photo Gallery.

NEW!!!   John just got a Nikon D70S to replace his Sony Cybershot F717 (the image sensor went bad) and here is the url to a page with those pictures! 
Nikon D70S Photos

        We have added a section to the Photo Gallery that includes why we think Orbs are being viewed through by people on different planets, with photos of the Orb viewers themselves. Also a section is included that describes the giant SOFV  Orbs with photographs. See under "Here's Looking At You!" at the Photo Gallery.

NEW!!! IMPORTANT UPDATE!   Red Guy & White Cloak Gal, along with Cloak Mom & Dad, put Cloaks in a different light!
             The Red Guys

NEW!!! ANOTHER IMPORTANT UPDATE!   Red Guy shows up on Christmas morning to leave a present! He steps away from John's silver wagon several times, proving he is not a headlight lens flare!!! Scroll down to the December 25, 2006 entry at the bottom of the Red Guys page:
             The Red Guys

NEW!!! ANOTHER INCREDIBLE UPDATE!   Red Guy appears with White Cloak Lady, proudly showing off their first young one! Scroll down to the last entry to read the story and see the photos.
               The Red Guys

NEW!!!   The Cloaks!  Do Orbs have natural predators? See who has been showing up in our photos!
NEW!!! IMPORTANT UPDATE!   Cloaks looking only for a specific type of Orb!
             The Cloaks

         "BEAN SOUP" is a section where we will add occasional observations with photographs to better explain why we came to certain conclusions.

NEW!!!   John's great article on "Consciousness Interaction" has been added! Click on Bean Soup at the top of this page and scroll down to Bean Soup #9 !!!

        Our "LINKS" page includes sites where you can learn how to Dowse and sites where you can view other Orb photos and read what others think Orbs are. You can even join discussion groups that are talking about Orbs or Dowsing.

NEW!!!   We did an email interview on "Dowsing For Orbs" for The Night Watchman Chronicles' first issue.  Look in Interviews and Articles on their website. Now there are two MP3 interviews that were recorded between the Night Watchman and John titled "Orbs" and "Cloaks and Red Guys" that are also accessable from the Night Watchman Chronicles website in their MP3 section!
The Night Watchman Chronicles

NEW!!!   A series of pictures showing an Orb Baby Outing Event!
             Orb Babies


        We have uploaded our new ORBS BY BEANS 2009 Calendars! 

        You can print out a single yearly page with all the months on it, or print out
        all twelve months individually!  They all have great Orb and Others photos in the upper
        half!   FREE!!! Click on the link below to take you there!  

To contact us click here: BEANS

        Here's one of John's photos of the year. Taken with the Cybershot from the passenger side window, he snapped this one as I was  driving about 45 mph. Click on the photo to see an enlargement.




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